Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protects nearly 800,000 Dreamers from deportation and provides them work authorization.

DACA has now come under attack. 10 Attorneys General released a letter at the end of June threatening to sue the federal government if they don’t end DACA by September 5th. An end to the DACA program would mean that these young people would lose their work authorization and come under the immediate threat of deportation.

A coalition of leaders – Governors, Mayors, City & State Elected Officials, Law Enforcement Professionals, Faith, and Civic Leaders from across the country are coming together to stand #withDreamers at this time.

If you would like to submit your name in support of Dreamers, you can do so here.

Letter in Support of Dreamers

We, the undersigned governors, statewide constitutional officers, mayors, state legislators, local elected officials, law enforcement professionals, and faith and civic leaders are united in declaring that we are with Dreamers and DACA recipients. We recognize their enormous role in our communities and families and their contributions to our schools, workplaces, and shared prosperity as a nation.

Since June 2012,  nearly 800,000  of these young people who came to the United States as children have come forward, passed background checks, and received permission to live and work in America. With DACA, they have advanced their education, started small businesses, and more fully established themselves as integral members of our society.

Ending DACA means all of these young people would be at risk of deportation and separation from their families and our communities; this would be senselessly cruel.

Ending DACA and removing hundreds of thousands of young men and women from our workforce also would cost the country an estimated  $460.3 billion in lost Gross Domestic Product over a decade and tens of billions more in lost contributions to Medicare and Social Security, and force businesses to incur $3.4 billion in turnover costs.

In late June, attorneys general from ten states threatened to sue the Trump Administration if it does not end DACA; twice that number wrote to encourage the administration to maintain and defend the initiative. We urge President Trump to sustain his commitment and preserve DACA.  We also encourage President Trump and Republicans and Democrats in Congress to enact legislation that replaces fear and uncertainty with permanent protection for Dreamers. The recently introduced stand-alone Dream Act of 2017 would do that and we support it.

As the leaders of communities across the country—individuals and institutions that have seen these young people grow up in our communities—we recognize how they have enriched and strengthened our cities, states, schools, businesses, congregations, and families. We believe it is a moral imperative that the administration and the country know we are with them. We also join together to send our assurances to Dreamers: we see you, we value you, and we are ready to defend you.



Governor Jerry Brown, State of CaliforniaCalifornia
Governor John Hickenlooper, State of ColoradoColorado
Governor Dannel P. Malloy, State of ConnecticutConnecticut
Governor Mark Dayton, State of MinnesotaMinnesota
Governor Kate Brown, State of OregonOregon
Governor Gina M. Raimondo, State of Rhode IslandRhode Island
Governor Jay Inslee, State of WashingtonWashington
Governor Terence R. McAuliffe, Commonwealth of VirginiaVirginia

State Leaders

Attorney General Janet MillsMaine
Attorney General Maura HealeyMassachusetts
Attorney General Ellen RosenblumOregon
Attorney General T.J. DonovanVermont
Attorney General Eric SchneidermanNew York
Lieutenant Governor Gavin NewsomCalifornia
Lieutenant Governor Nancy WymanConnecticut
Lieutenant Governor Tina SmithMinnesota
Secretary of State Alison Lundergan GrimesKentucky
Secretary of State Alex PadillaCalifornia
Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, State Representative, District 35Alaska
Matt Claman, State Representative, District 21Alaska
Athena Salman, State Representative, District 26Arizona
Catherine Miranda, State Senator, District 27Arizona
César Chávez, State Representative, District 29Arizona
Charlene R. Fernandez, State Representative, District 4Arizona
Diego Espinoza, State Representive, District 19Arizona
Eric Descheenie, State Representatives, District 7Arizona
House Democrat Leader, Rebecca Rios, State Representative, District 27Arizona
Isela Blanc, State Representative, District 26Arizona
Juan Mendez, State Senator, District 26Arizona
Kelli Butler, State Representative, District 28Arizona
Ken Clark, State Representative, District 24Arizona
Kirsten Engel, State Representative, District 10Arizona
Lisa Otondo, State Senator, District 4Arizona
Mark Cardenas, State Representative, District 19Arizona
Mitzi Epstein, State Representative, District 18Arizona
Otoniel "Tony" Navarrete, State Representative, District 30Arizona
Pamela Powers Hannley, Representative, District 9Arizona
Richard Andrade, State Representative, District 29Arizona
Rosanna Gabaldon, State Representative, District 2Arizona
Tony Navarrete, State Representative, District 30Arizona
Daniel Hernandez, Jr., State Reprsentative, District 2Arizona
Richard C. Andrade, State Representative, District 29Arizona
Wenona Benally, State Representative, District 7Arizona
Clarke Tucker, State Representative, District 35Arkansas
David Whitaker, State Representative and House Minority Leader, District 85Arkansas
Joyce Elliott, State Senator, District 31Arkansas
Vivian Flowers, State Representative, District 17Arkansas
M.J. Gray, State Representative, District 47Arkansas
Stephen Magie, State Representative, District 72Arkansas
Uvalde Lindsey, State Senator, District 4Arkansas
Greg Leding, State Representative, District 86Arkansas
Warwick Sabin, State Representative, District 33Arkansas
Linda Chesterfield, State Senator, District 30Arkansas
Adam Gray, State Assemblymember, District 21California
Al Muratsuchi, State Assemblymember, District 66California
Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the California State AssemblyCalifornia
Ash Kalra, State Assemblymember, District 27California
Ben Allen, State Senator, District 26California
Ben Hueso, State Senator, District 40California
Bill Quirk, State Assemblymember, District 20California
Bob Wieckowski, State Senator, District 10California
Cristina Garcia, State Assemblymember, District 58California
David Chiu, State Assemblymember, District 17California
Dr. Richard Pan, State Senator, District 6California
Eloise Gómez Reyes, State Assemblymember, District 47California
Freddie Rodriguez, State Assemblymember, District 52California
Jim Wood, State Assemblymember, District 2California
Kevin Mullin, State Assemblymember, District 22California
Marc Levine, State Assemblymember, District 10California
Miguel Santiago, State Assemblymember, District 53California
Phil Ting, State Assemblymember, District 19California
Ricardo Lara, State Senator, District 33California
Rob Bonta, State Assemblymember, District 18California
Robert M. Hertzberg, State Senator, District 18California
Scott Wiener, State Senator, District 11California
Steve Glazer, State Senator, District 7California
Steven C. Bradford, State Senator, District 35California
Timothy S. Grayson, State Assemblymember, District 14California
Todd Gloria, State Assemblymember, District 78California
Blanca E. Rubio, State Assemblymember, District 48California
Chris Hansen, State Representative, District 6Colorado
Daniel Pabon, State Representative, District 4Colorado
Dave Young, State Representative, District 50Colorado
Joe Salazar, State Representative, District 31Colorado
John Kefalas, State Senator, District 14Colorado
Jonathan Singer, State Representative, District 11Colorado
Leslie Herod, State Representive, District 8Colorado
Mike Foote, State Representative, District 12Colorado
Mike Weissman, State Representative, District 36Colorado
Crisanta Duran, Colorado Speaker of the HouseColorado
Dominick Moreno, State Senator, District 21Colorado
Daneya Esgar, State Representative, District 46Colorado
KC Becker, State Representative and House Majority Leader, District 13Colorado
Bob Duff, Connecticut Senate Majority LeaderConnecticut
Bob Trammell, State House Minority LeaderGeorgia
Curt Thompson, State Senator, District 5Georgia
Emanuel Jones, State Senator, District 10Georgia
Nan Orrock, State Senator, District 36Georgia
Park Cannon, State Representative, District 58Georgia
Renitta Shannon, State Representative, District 84Georgia
Stacey Abrams, State Representative, District 89Georgia
Steve Henson, State Senator, District 41Georgia
Tonya Anderson, State Senator, District 43Georgia
Della Au Belatti, State Representative, District 24Hawaii
Roy Takumi, State Representative, District 35Hawaii
Elizabeth "Lisa" Hernandez, State Representative, District 24Illinois
Emanuel "Chris" Welch, State Representative, District 7Illinois
Laura Fine, State Representative, District 17Illinois
Luis Arroyo, State Representative, District 3Illinois
Sonya M. Harper, State Representative, District 6Illinois
Theresa Mah, State Representative, District 2Illinois
Cynthia Soto, State Representative, District 4Illinois
Daniel Burke, State Representative, District 1Illinois
Juliana Stratton, State Representative, District 5Illinois
Linda Chapa LaVia, State Representative, District 83Illinois
Sue Errington, State Representative, District 34Indiana
Timothy Lanane, State Senator, District 25Indiana
Mark Dion, State Senator, District 28Maine
Matt Moonen, State Representative, District 38Maine
Ryan Tipping, State Representative, District 123Maine
Ana Sol Gutierrez, State Delegate, District 18Maryland
Andrew Platt, State Delegate, District 17Maryland
Clarence Lam, MD, MPH, State Delegate, District 12Maryland
David Moon, House of Delegates, District 20Maryland
Eric Luedtke, State Delegate, District 14Maryland
Jazz Lewis, State Delegate, District 24Maryland
Jheanelle Wilkins, State Delegate, District 20Maryland
Jimmy Tarlau, State Delegate, District 47AMaryland
Paul G. Pinsky, State Senator, District 22Maryland
Shane Robinson, State Delegate, District 39Maryland
Shelly Hettleman, State Delegate, District 11Maryland
Aruna Miller, State Delegate, District 15Maryland
Natalie Higgins, State Representative, District 4Massachusetts
Abdullah Hammoud, State Representative, District 15Michigan
Andy Schor, State Representative, District 68Michigan
Christine Greig, Michigan House Democratic Floor LeaderMichigan
Jeremy Moss, State Representative, District 35Michigan
Jeremy Moss, State Representative, District 35Michigan
Jon Hoadley, State Representative, District 60Michigan
Rebekah Warren, State Senator, District 18Michigan
Robert Wittenberg, State Representative, District 27Michigan
Stephanie Chang, State Representative, District 6Michigan
Steve Bieda, State Senator, District 9Michigan
Winnie Brinks, State Representative, District 76Michigan
Fue Lee, State Representative, District 59AMinnesota
Dan Quick, State Senator, District 35Nebraska
Yvanna Cancela, State Senator, District 10Nevada
Mark King, State Representative, District 33New Hampshire
Joanne Ferrary, State Representative, District 37New Mexico
Anthony D'Urso, State Assemblymember, District 16New York
Brad Hoylman, State Senator, District 27New York
Brian Benjamin, State Senator, District 30New York
Carmen De La Rosa, State Assemblymember, District 72New York
Carmen E. Arroyo, State Assemblymember, District 84New York
Charles Barron, State Assemblymember, District 60New York
Francisco Moya, State Assemblymember, District 39New York
Fred W. Thiele, Jr., State Assemblymember, District 1New York
Jamaal T. Bailey, State Senator, District 36New York
Jamaal T. Bailey, State Senator, District 36New York
Jose R. Peralta, State Senator, District 13New York
Kimberly Jean-Pierre, State Assemblymember, District 11New York
Latrice Walker, State Assemblymember, District 55New York
Liz Krueger, State Senator, District 28New York
Marisol Alcantara, State Senator, District 31New York
Michael Blake, State Assemblymember, District 79New York
Michaelle C. Solages, State Assemblymember, District 22New York
Nily Rozic, State Assemblywoman, District 25New York
Pamela Harris, State Assemblymember, District 46New York
Richard N. Gottfried, State Assemblymember, District 75New York
Robert Carroll, State Assemblymember, District 44New York
Roxanne J. Persaud, State Senator, District 19New York
Walter Mosley, State Assemblymember, District 57New York
Yuh-Line Niou, State Assemblymember, District 65New York
Shelley Mayer, State Assemblymember, District 90New York
Becky Carney, State Representative, District 102North Carolina
Billy Richardson, State Representative, District 44North Carolina
Bobbie Richardson, State Representative, District 7North Carolina
Brian Turner, State Representative, District 116North Carolina
Cynthia Ball, State Representative, District 49North Carolina
Duane Hall, State Representative, District 11North Carolina
Ed Hanes, State Representative, District 72North Carolina
Erica Smith-Ingram, State Senator, District 3North Carolina
Garland Pierce, State Representative, District 48North Carolina
George Graham, State Representative, District 12North Carolina
Gladys Robinson, State Senator, District 28North Carolina
Graig Meyer, State Representative, District 50North Carolina
Grier Martin, State Representative, District 34North Carolina
Howard Hunter, State Representative, District 5North Carolina
Jay Chaudhuri, State Senator, District 16North Carolina
Jean Farmer-Butterfield, State Representative, District 24North Carolina
Jeff Jackson, State Senator, District 37North Carolina
John Ager, State Representative, District 115North Carolina
John Autry, State Representative, District 100North Carolina
Joyce Waddell, State Senator, District 40North Carolina
Larry Bell, State Representative, District 21North Carolina
Marcia Morey, State Representative, District 30North Carolina
Marvin Lucas, State Representative, District 42North Carolina
Mary Ann Black, State Representative, District 29North Carolina
Mary Belk, State Representative, District 88North Carolina
Michael Wray, State Representative, District 27North Carolina
Mickey Michaux, State Representative, District 31North Carolina
Paul Lowe, State Senator, District 32North Carolina
Pricey Harrison, State Representative, District 57North Carolina
Robert T. Reives, State Representative, District 54North Carolina
Shelly Willingham, State Representative, District 23North Carolina
Terry Garrison, State Representative, District 32North Carolina
Terry Van Duyn, State Senator, District 49North Carolina
Deb Butler, State Representative, District 18North Carolina
Rosa Gill, State Representative, District 33North Carolina
Susan C. Fisher, State Representative, District 114North Carolina
Verla Insko, State Representive, District 56North Carolina
Yvonne Holley, State Representative, District 38North Carolina
Elizabeth Crowley, State Senator, District 16Rhofe island
Kevin Killer, State Senator, District 27South Dakota
Ana Hernandez, State Representative, District 143Texas
Armando "Mando" Martinez, State Representative, District 39Texas
Armando Walle, State Representative, District 140Texas
Carlos Uresti, State Senator, District 19Texas
Carol A. Alvarado, State Representative, District 145Texas
Celia Israel, State Representative, District 50Texas
Cesar J. Blanco, State Representative, District 76Texas
Diana Arevalo, State Representative, District 116Texas
Diego M. Bernal, State Representative, District 123Texas
Eddie Lucio III, State Representative, District 38Texas
Eddie Lucio, Jr., State Senator, District 27Texas
Eddie Rodriguez, State Representative, District 51Texas
Garnet F. Coleman, State Representative, District 147Texas
Gene Wu, State Representative, District 137Texas
Ina Minjarez, State Representative, District 124Texas
Jessica Farrar, State Representative, District 148Texas
Joe Moody, State Representative, District 78Texas
José Rodríguez, Texas Senator, District 29Texas
Judith Zaffirini, State Senator, District 21Texas
Justin Rodriguez, State Representative, District 125Texas
Lina Ortega, State Representative, District 77Texas
Mary Ann Perez, State Representative, District 144Texas
Philip Cortez, State Representative, District 117Texas
Rafael Anchia, State Representative, District 103Texas
Ramón Romero, Jr., State Representative, District 90Texas
René O. Oliveira, State Representative, District 37Texas
Representative Abel Herrero, House District 34Texas
Roberto R. Alonzo, State Representative, District 104Texas
Roland Gutierrez, State Representative, District 119Texas
Sergio Muñoz, Jr., State Representative, District 36Texas
Sylvia R. Garcia, State Senator, District 6Texas
Terry Canales, State Representative, District 40Texas
Tomas Uresti, State Representative, District 118Texas
Tracy O. King, State Representative, District 80Texas
Victoria Neave, State Representative, District 107Texas
Gina Hinojosa, State Representative, District 49Texas
Mary González, State Representative, District 75Texas
Alfonso Lopez, Minority Whip, State Representative, District 49Virginia
Barbara A. Favola, State Senator, District 31Virginia
Janet Howell, State Senator, District 32Virginia
Patrick Hope, State Delegate, District 47Virginia
Rip Sullivan, State Delegate, District 48Virginia
David S. Frockt, State Senator, District 46Washington
Jamie Pedersen, State Senator, District 43Washington
Jeannie Darneille, State Representative, District 27Washington
June Robinson, State Representative, District 38Washington
Karen Keiser, State Senator, District 33Washington
Laurie Jinkins, State Representative, District 27Washington
Mia Gregerson, State Representative, District 33Washington
Monica Jurado Stonier, State Representative, District 49Washington
Nicole Macri, State Representative, District 43Washington
Rebecca Saldaña, State Senator, District 37Washington
Sharon K. Nelson, Democratic Caucus Leader, State Senator, District 34Washington
Sharon Tomiko Santos, State Representative, District 37Washington
Zack Hudgins, State Representative, District 11Washington

Cities & Counties

Mayor William A. BellBirminghamAlabama
Mayor Mark W. MitchellTempeArizona
Mayor John GilesMesaArizona
Mayor Greg StantonPhoenixArizona
Mayor Jonathan RothschildTucsonArizona
Mayor Lioneld JordanFayettevilleArkansas
Mayor Sam LiccardoSan JoseCalifornia
Mayor Chris CourseySanta RosaCalifornia
Mayor Deborah RobertsonRialtoCalifornia
Mayor Christopher CabaldonWest SacramentoCalifornia
Mayor Andre QuinteroEl MonteCalifornia
Mayor Jose GurrolaArvinCalifornia
Mayor Alan L. NagyNewarkCalifornia
Mayor Darrell SteinbergSacramentoCalifornia
Mayor Edwin M. LeeCity and County of San FranciscoCalifornia
Mayor Eric GarcettiLos AngelesCalifornia
Mayor John HeilmanWest HollywoodCalifornia
Mayor Mary Casillas SalasChula VistaCalifornia
Mayor Michael TubbsStocktonCalifornia
Mayor Pauline Russo CutterSan LeandroCalifornia
Mayor Richard G. CarlstonWalnut CreekCalifornia
Mayor Robb DavisCity of DavisCalifornia
Mayor Sue HigginsOakleyCalifornia
Mayor Sylvia BallinCity of San FernandoCalifornia
Mayor Ted WintererSanta MonicaCalifornia
Mayor Tom ButtRichmondCalifornia
Mayor Tom TaitAnaheimCalifornia
Mayor Acquanetta WarrenFontanaCalifornia
Mayor Sean MurphyTellurideColorado
Mayor Stephen D. HoganAuroraColorado
Mayor Eric MamulaBreckenridgeColorado
Mayor Kevin BurnsDillonColorado
Mayor Michael B. HancockDenverColorado
Mayor Stephen D. HoganAuroraColorado
Mayor Suzanne JonesCity of BoulderColorado
Mayor Daniel T. DrewMiddletownConnecticut
Mayor Harry W. RillingNorwalkConnecticut
Mayor Toni N. HarpNew HavenConnecticut
Mayor Marcia LeclercEast HartfordConnecticut
Mayor Muriel BowserWashingtonDC
Mayor Mike RyanCity of SunriseFlorida
Mayor Carlos A. GimenezMiami-Dade CountyFlorida
Mayor Tomas RegaladoCity of Miami, Miami-Dade CountyFlorida
Mayor Buddy DyerOrlandoFlorida
Mayor Wayne MessamMiramarFlorida
Mayor Andrew GillumTallahasseeFlorida
Mayor Kasim ReedAtlantaGeorgia
Mayor Rodney S. CraigHanover ParkIllinois
Mayor George Van DusenSkokieIllinois
Mayor Nancy RoteringHighland ParkIllinois
Mayor Rahm EmanuelChicagoIllinois
Mayor Riley H RogersVillage of DoltonIllinois
Mayor John HamiltonBloomingtonIndiana
Mayor Karen Freeman-WilsonGaryIndiana
Mayor Pete ButtigiegSouth BendIndiana
Mayor Steve CollierLawrenceIndiana
Mayor Mark HollandKansas CityKansas
Mayor Rick SowersDodge CityKansas
Mayor Greg FischerLouisvilleKentucky
Mayor Joseph BaldacciBangorMaine
Mayor Jeffrey SlavinSomersetMaryland
Mayor Kate StewartTakoma ParkMaryland
Mayor Catherine E. PughBaltimore CityMaryland
Mayor Patrick WojahnCollege ParkMaryland
Mayor Setti WarrenNewtonMassachusetts
Mayor Alex MorseHolyokeMassachusetts
Mayor Joseph A. CurtatoneSomervilleMassachusetts
Mayor Martin J. WalshBostonMassachusetts
Mayor Stephanie Muccini BurkeMedfordMassachusetts
Mayor Kurt MetzgerPleasant RidgeMichigan
Mayor Christopher TaylorAnn ArborMichigan
Mayor Mark S. MeadowsEast LansingMichigan
Mayor Virg BerneroLansingMichigan
Mayor Rosalynn BlissGrand RapidsMichigan
Mayor Chris ColemanSaint PaulMinnesota
Mayor Elizabeth B. KautzBurnsvilleMinnesota
Mayor Betsy HodgesMinneapolisMinnesota
Mayor Errick D. SimmonsGreenvilleMississippi
Mayor Chokwe A. LumumbaJacksonMississippi
Mayor Lyda KrewsonSt. LouisMissouri
Mayor Sly JamesKansas CityMissouri
Mayor David F. ReineckeSchuylerNebraska
Mayor Chris BeutlerLincolnNebraska
Mayor Roger W FosterCreteNebraska
Mayor Daniel CoronaWest WendoverNevada
Mayor Hillary SchieveRenoNevada
Mayor Adrian O. MappPlainfieldNew Jersey
Mayor Brian P. StackUnion CityNew Jersey
Mayor Domenick StamponeHaledon BoroughNew Jersey
Mayor Eric E. JacksonTrenton/Mercer CountyNew Jersey
Mayor Jose "Joey" TorresPatersonNew Jersey
Mayor Liz LempertMunicipality of PrincetonNew Jersey
Mayor Kevin RyanVeronaNew Jersey
Mayor Javier M. GonzalesSanta FeNew Mexico
Mayor Svante MyrickIthacaNew York
Mayor Lovely WarrenRochesterNew York
Mayor Bill de BlasioNew YorkNew York
Mayor Noam BramsonNew RochelleNew York
Mayor Stephanie A. MinerSyracuseNew York
Mayor Lydia E. LavelleCarrboroNorth Carolina
Mayor Esther E. MaheimerAshevilleNorth Carolina
Mayor Pam HemmingerChapel HillNorth Carolina
Mayor Nan WhaleyDaytonOhio
Mayor Lydia MihalikFindlayOhio
Mayor Andrew J. GintherColumbusOhio
Mayor David J. BergerCity of LimaOhio
Mayor Denny DoyleBeavertonOregon
Mayor Biff TraberCorvallisOregon
Mayor Kim BraceyCity of YorkPennsylvania
Mayor Josh MaxwellDowningtownPennsylvania
Mayor Ed PawlowskiAllentownPennsylvania
Mayor Elizabeth A. GorehamState College BoroughPennsylvania
Mayor Jim KenneyPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Mayor James DiossaCentral FallsRhode Island
Mayor Jorge ElorzaProvidenceRhode Island
Mayor Stephen K. BenjaminColumbiaSouth Carolina
Mayor Madeline RogeroKnoxvilleTennessee
Mayor Megan BarryMetropolitan Nashville and Davidson CountyTennessee
Mayor Ron NirenbergSan AntonioTexas
Mayor Antonio MartinezBrownsvilleTexas
Mayor Steve AdlerAustinTexas
Mayor Sylvester TurnerHoustonTexas
Mayor Jackie BiskupskiSalt Lake CityUtah
Mayor Levar M. StoneyRichmondVirginia
Mayor Allison SilberbergAlexandriaVirginia
Mayor Jennifer GregersonMukilteoWashington
Mayor Kelli LinvilleBellinghamWashington
Mayor Nicola SmithLynnwoodWashington
Mayor Edward B. MurraySeattleWashington
Mayor Marilyn StricklandTacomaWashington
Mayor Ray StephansonEverettWashington
Mayor Stephen T. WilliamsHuntingtonWest Virginia
Mayor Paul SoglinMadisonWisconsin
Mayor Tom BarrettMilwaukeeWisconsin
Mayor Pete MuldoonJacksonWyoming
Mayor Sandy SandersFort SmithArkansas
Mayor Mark StodolaLittle RockArkansas
Mayor Shirley WashingtonPine BluffArkansas
Mayor Doug SprouseSpringdaleArkansas
Felix Rivera, City CouncilmemberAnchorageAlaska
Regina Romero, City CouncilmemberTucsonArizona
Lauren Kuby, City CouncilmemberTempeArizona
Sarah Marsh, City CouncilmemberFayettevilleArkansas
Nick Cartwright, City CouncilmemberRose BudArkansas
Dave Cortese, President, Board of SupervisorsSanta Clara CountyCalifornia
Don Saylor, SupervisorYolo CountyCalifornia
Gil Cedillo, City CouncilmemberLos AngelesCalifornia
Colin Parent, City CouncilmemberLa MesaCalifornia
Jim Provenza, SupervisorYolo CountyCalifornia
Jose Huizar, City CouncilmemberLos AngelesCalifornia
Judy Arnold, President, Board of SupervisorsMarin CountyCalifornia
Kevin Wilk, City CouncilmemberWalnut CreekCalifornia
Lucas Frerichs, City CouncilmemberDavisCalifornia
Paul Krekorian, City CouncilmemberLos AngelesCalifornia
Gabe Kearney, City CouncilmemberPetalumaCalifornia
Igor Tregub, City CommissionerBerkeleyCalifornia
Jerry Velasco, City CouncilmemberEl MonteCalifornia
Lindsey P. Horvath, City Councilmember & former Mayor, City of West HollywoodWest HollywoodCalifornia
Paul Koretz, City CouncilmemberLos AngelesCalifornia
Shanthi Gonzales, Oakland School Board, District 6OaklandCalifornia
Eric Guerra, City CouncilmemberSacramentoCalifornia
Elizabeth Romero, President, Board of EducationRiverside CountyCalifornia
Jesse Chavez, City CouncilmemberHighlandCalifornia
Stacie Gilmore, City CouncilmemberDenverColorado
Robin Kniech, City CouncilmemberDenverColorado
Maria De Cambra, City CouncilmemberWestminsterColorado
Monica Duran, City CouncilmemberWheat RidgeColorado
Quentin Phipps, City TreasurerMiddletownConnecticut
Tyrell M. Holcomb, City CommissionerWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Brianne K. Nadeau, City CouncilmemberWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Ryan Vickers, City CouncilmemberFairview HeightsIllinois
Byron D. Stanley, City CommissionerRiverdale ParkIllinois
Roger Downey, City CouncilmemberLoogooteeIndiana
Justin Costa, City CouncilmemberPortlandMaine
Hans Riemer, City CouncilmemberMontgomery CountyMaryland
Kevin Kamenetz, County ExecutiveBaltimore CountyMaryland
Louis A. DePasquale, City ManagerCambridgeMassachusetts
Conan Smith, City CommissionerAnn ArborMichigan
Gabe Leland, City CouncilmemberDetroitMichigan
Raquel Castañeda-López, City CouncilmemberDetroitMichigan
Joe Jones, Second Ward City CommissionerGrand RapidsMichigan
Kate Flores, City CommissionerBattle CreekMichigan
Ruth Kelly, Second Ward City CommissionerGrand RapidsMichigan
Tim Killeen, City CommissionerWayne CountyMichigan
Warren Evans, County ExecutiveWayne CountyMichigan
Jason Krzysiak, City CommissionPleasant RidgeMichigan
Andy LaBarre, Chair, Board of CommissionersWashtenaw CountyMichigan
Bret Scott, City CommissionPleasant RidgeMichigan
Jason Morgan, City CommissionerAnn ArborMichigan
Michelle Deatrick, Vice Chair, Board of CommissionersWashtenaw CountyMichigan
Felicia Brabec, Psy.D., MSW, County CommissionerWashtenaw CountyMichigan
Chuck Warpehoski, City CouncilmemberAnn ArborMichigan
Carol Hennessy, County CommissionerKent CountyMichigan
Daryl Porter Jr, City CouncilmemberSummitMississippi
Linda Rallo, City AldermanTown and CountryMissouri
Chris Giunchigliani, County CommissionerClark CountyNevada
Jenny Brekhus, City CouncilmemberRenoNevada
Bob Coffin, City CouncilmemberLas VegasNevada
Gill M Sorg, City CouncilmemberLas CrucesNew Mexico
Dan Besse, City CouncilmemberWinston-SalemNorth Carolina
Elizabeth Brown, City CouncilmemberColumbusOhio
Shannon G. Hardin, City CouncilmemberColumbusOhio
Michael Stinziano, City CouncilmemberColumbusOhio
Jeffrey Mims Jr., City CommissionerDaytonOhio
Joey Williams, City CommissionerDaytonOhio
Zach Klein, City Council PresidentColumbusOhio
Kerry McCormack, City CouncilmemberClevelandOhio
Joshua Young, CommissionerCaln TownshipPennsylvania
Frankie Dakin, City AldermanMillingtonTennessee
Greg Casar, City CouncilmemberAustinTexas
Simon Sauceda, City CouncilmemberDonnaTexas
Penelope A. "Penny" Gross, District SupervisorMason DistrictVirginia
John Vihstadt, County BoardmemberArlington CountyVirginia
Michael Sutphin, City CouncilmemberBlacksburgVirginia
M. Lorena Gonzalez, City CouncilmemberSeattleWashington
Dow Constantine, King County ExecutiveKing CountyWashington
Cassie Franklin, City Council Vice PresidentEverettWashington
Ben Stuckart, City Council PresidentSpokaneWashington
Bryan Yambe, Deputy MayorFifeWashington
Dave Somers, County ExecutiveSnohomish CountyWashington
Ryan N. Mello, City CouncilmemberTacomaWashington
Rod Dembowski, County CouncilmemberKing CountyWashington
Ty Stober, City CouncilmemberVancouverWashington
Rick Hughes, Chair, San Juan County CouncilSan Juan CountyWashington
Peggy A. West, SupervisorMilwaukee CountyWisconsin
Clinton Anderson, City CouncilmemberBeloitWisconsin
Kimberly M. Foxx, Cook County State's AttorneyCook CountyIllinois
Sarah Eckhardt, County JudgeTravis CountyTexas
Veronica Escobar, County JudgeEl Paso CountyTexas
Chris Magnus, Chief of Police, Tuscon Police DepartmentTucsonArizona
Joe DiSalvo, SheriffAspenColorado
Mark Prosser, Public Safety Director and Police ChiefStorm LakeIowa
Bill McCarthy, SheriffPolk CountyIowa
Michael W. Tupper, Chief of Police, Marshalltown Police DepartmentMarshalltownIowa
Brian Kyes, Chief of Police, Chelsea Police DepartmentChelseaMassachusetts
Cel Rivera, Chief of PoliceLorainOhio
Clay Lewis Jenkins, County JudgeDallas CountyTexas
Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police, Seattle Police DepartmentSeattleWashington
Carmen Best, Deputy Chief, Seattle Police DepartmentSeattleWashington
Georgette Gómez, City CouncilmemberSan DiegoCalifornia
Rafael Castellanos, Port Commissioner San DiegoCalifornia
Paul D. Lopez, City Councilmember DenverColorado
Chip Smith, City CouncilmemberAnn ArborMichigan
Christian Dorsey, County BoardmemberArlington CountyViginia
Libby Garvey, County BoardmemberArlington CountyViginia
Jay Fisette, County Board ChairArlington CountyVirginia

Civic Leaders

Abigail Zapote, Executive Director, Latinos for a Secure RetirementWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
America's VoiceWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
American Association of University Women (AAUW)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)National
American Immigration Lawyers AssociationWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)National
Anne Menard, CEO, National Resource Center on Domestic ViolenceNational
Anthony Romero, Executive Director, ACLUNational
Ben Monterroso, Mi Familia VotaNational
Brant Olson, Program Director, ClimateTruth.orgWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Caring Across GenerationsNational
Caroline Fredrickson, President, American Constitution Society for Law and PolicyWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action FundWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Chitra Panjabi, President and CEO, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Christin "Cici" Battle, Director Young People For (YP4) ActionWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Climate Hawks VoteNational
Cristóbal J. Alex, President, Latino Victory ProjectWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
David Turnbull, Campaigns Director, Oil Change InternationalWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director, Coalition on Human NeedsWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for YouthWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Debra L. Ness, President, National Partnership for Women & FamiliesWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Deepak Bhargava, President, Center for Community ChangeWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Elizabeth G. Taylor, Executive Director, National Health Law ProgramWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Elizabeth Wydra, President, Constitutional Accountability CenterWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
EMILY's ListWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Futures Without ViolenceNational
Generation ProgressWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Girls Inc.WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Girls Inc. of the Washington DC Metropolitan AreaWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
GreenLatinosWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
High School Democrats of AmericaNational
Hon. Delia Garcia, National Chair, Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs' (BHCC) Business Advisory CouncilWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Human Rights CampaignNational
IndivisibleWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
J StreetWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
John C. Yang, President and Executive Director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJCWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Kathy Ko Chin, President and CEO, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health ForumNational
Kim Gandy, President, National Network to End Domestic ViolenceWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Lauren Spokane, Director of Development, PICO National NetworkWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
League of United Latin American CitizensWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Leda Huta, Executive Director, Endangered Species CoalitionWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Lily Eskelsen García, President, National Education AssociationWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Main Street AllianceNational
Marge Baker, Executive Vice President, People For the American WayWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Maria Teresa Kumar, President & CEO Voto Latino, Washington, DCWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Melinda Pierce, Legislative Director, Sierra ClubWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Michelle Dixon, Director, Global Progressive HubWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
MomsRising.org / MamásConPoder.orgNational
National Asian Pacific American Women's ForumWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)National
National Black Justice CoalitionWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National Center for Transgender EqualityWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceNational
National Domestic Workers AllianceNational
National Immigration ForumWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National LGBTQ Task Force Action FundWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National Women's Law CenterWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Neera Tanden, President, Center for American ProgressWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Nick Rathod, Executive Director, State Innovation Exchange (SiX)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
OCA - Asian Pacific American AdvocatesWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
PFLAG NationalWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
PIVOT - The Progressive Vietnamese American OrganizationNational
Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Robert Weissman, President, Public CitizenWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sarah Audelo, Executive Director, Alliance for Youth ActionWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sharon Lettman-Hicks, CEO, National Black Justice CoalitionWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Showing Up for Racial JusticeNational
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Southern Border Communities CoalitionNational
Terri Poore, Policy Director, National Alliance to End Sexual ViolenceWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
The Education TrustWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
The Praxis ProjectWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
UnidosUS (formerly NCLR)National
Union of Concerned ScientistsNational
We Belong TogetherNational
Young Elected Officials Action NetworkWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Young InvinciblesWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
YWCA USAWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Luis Avila, Founder, Iconico LLC.PhoenixArizona
Murshed Zaheed, Vice President & Political Director, CREDO MobileSan FranciscoCalifornia
Solidarity StrategiesWashingtonDC
Juan Lopez, President, Ruby RecoveryIndianapolisIndiana
LGC Associates, LLCIndianapolisIndiana
Maritza Vasquez, Operations Director, Uplift Grand PreparatoryDallasTexas
Trefonas Law, PCJacksonWyoming
Courage CampaignCalifornia
Beth Sutkus Thompson, CEO, KIPP Bay Area SchoolsOaklandCalifornia
Arianna Haut, Head of School, Summit Preparatory Charter SchoolLos AngelesCalifornia
Timothy Law Snyder, President, Loyola Marymount UniversityLos AngelesCalifornia
Todd Schulte, President, FWD.usNational
Henry Lo, Board Member, Garvey School DistrictMonterey ParkCalifornia
Amnesty International USA Local Group 75AtlantaGeorgia
Derek DeHart, Chief Operations Officer, DACA TimeColumbusOhio
South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice CenterSouth Carolina
Richard Charlesworth, CIO, YES Prep Public SchoolsHoustonTexas
Just NeighborsAnnandaleVirginia
Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State DemocratsWashington
Seattle Education AccessWashington
Faaluaina Pritchard, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Cultural CenterTacomaWashington
Tacoma Community HouseTacomaWashington
Michael Minnick, Trustee, Sacramento City Unified School District Board of EducationSacramentoCalifornia
San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource CenterAlamosaColorado
Olivia Golden, Executive Director, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)WashingtonDC
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana and KentuckyIndiana
John Engelbrecht, Director, Public Space OneIowa CityIowa
PFLAG Ann ArborAnn ArborMichigan
Theresa R Sharpe, ACLU Board of DirectorsWilliamstonNorth Carolina
PFLAG PortlandOregon
Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR)HarrisburgPennsylvania
George Kanuck, Co-Chair, Lowcountry Immigration CoalitionBlufftonSouth Carolina
Arte SanaTexas
Anna Nguyen, President, PFLAG AustinAustinTexas
Colectiva Legal del PuebloWashington
Virginia Walsh, Program Coordinator, Arctic Women in CrisisAlaska
Northern Jaguar ProjectTucsonArizona
Katie Tennessen Hooten, Executive Director, Teach For America - PhoenixPhoenixArizona
Center for Biological DiversityTucsonArizona
Allie Bones, CEO, Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence in Arizona (ACESDV)Arizona
Arizona Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote TableTucsonArizona
Herschel Fink, Executive Director, Arizona Democratic PartyArizona
Becky Paneitz, PhD, Founder, Inseitz GroupBentonvilleArkansas
Arkansas United Community CoalitionArkansas
Faulkner County Coalition for Social JusticeConwayArkansas
Aron Shelton, TASC Director, The StationFayettevilleArkansas
Cathy Campbell, President, PFLAG of Northwest ArkansasFayettevilleArkansas
Juanita Franklin, Director, LIFE Program, North West Arkansas Community CollegeBella VistaArkansas
Denise Garner, Founder, Feed CommunitiesFayettevilleArkansas
Cristina de Jesus, President and CEO, Green Dot Public Schools CaliforniaLos AngelesCalifonia
Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North AmericaLos AngelesCalifornia
Project KnuckleHeadLos AngelesCalifornia
Marcia Aaron, CEO, KIPP LA SchoolsLos AngelesCalifornia
California Parternship to End Domestic ViolenceSacramentoCalifornia
Chic Dabby, Executive Director, API-GBVCalifornia
Lida Jennings, Executive Director, Teach For America, Los AngelesLos AngelesCalifornia
MALDEFLos AngelesCalifornia
Judith Maxwell Greig, President, Notre Dame de Namur UniversityBelmontCalifornia
Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš / AZULSan FranciscoCalifornia
Allison Ohle, Executive Director, KIPP San DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia
Voces VerdesSan FranciscoCalifornia
Dan Katzir, CEO, Alliance College-Ready Public SchoolsLos AngelesCalifornia
East Bay Move To AmendOakland-BerkeleyCalifornia
Samuel Molina, CA State Director, Mi Familia VotaFresnoCalifornia
Dr. Erica Hamilton, Executive Director, Pathways Community SchoolCalifornia
Sue Andres-Brown, Head of School for California Collegiate Charter SchoolLos AngelesCalifornia
Girls Inc. of Alameda CountyOaklandCalifornia
Ana F. Ponce, CEO, Camino Nuevo Charter AcademyLos AngelesCalifornia
Aarti Kohli, Executive Director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law CaucusSan FranciscoCalifornia
Ama Nyamekye, Founding Executive Director, Educators for Excellence - Los AngelesLos AngelesCalifornia
Angelica Salas, Executive Director, CHIRLALos AngelesCalifornia
Asian Health ServicesOaklandCalifornia
California Partnership to End Domestic ViolenceCalifornia
Equality CaliforniaCalifornia
Eric Cohen, Executive Director, Immigrant Legal Resource CenterCalifornia
Immigrant Legal Resource CenterSan FranciscoCalifornia
Jeffrey Caballero, Executive Director, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health OrganizationsCalifornia
Jesus Martinez, Chair, Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC)FresnoCalifornia
Karen Tumlin, ‎Legal Director, National Immigration Law CenterLos AngelesCalifornia
Lorri L. Jean, CEO, Los Angeles LGBT CenterLos AngelesCalifornia
Luisa Blue, Executive Vice President, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)HaywardCalifornia
Miriam Krinsky, Executive Director, Los Angeles County's Citizens' Jail Commission on Jail ViolenceLos AngelesCalifornia
National Center for Lesbian RightsSan FranciscoCalifornia
Sara Feldman, Ready California Project Director, Immigrant Legal Resource CenterCalifornia
Shiu-Ming Cheer, Senior Staff Attorney, National Immigration Law CenterLos AngelesCalifornia
Teresa Palacios, Executive Director, Eastmont Community CenterLos AngelesCalifornia
Vincent Pan, Executive Director of Chinese for Affirmative ActionSan FranciscoCalifornia
Anna Carlstone Hurst, Head of School, Libertas College Preparatory Charter SchoolLos AngelesCalifornia
Christian Ramírez, Director, Southern Border Communities CoalitionSan DiegoCalifornia
Felicia Escobar, Former Special Assistant for Immigration Policy for President Barack ObamaLos AngelesCalifornia
Jeremy Barousse, Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN)ModestoCalifornia
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN)San JoseCalifornia
Jim Keddy, Executive Director, Youth ForwardSacramentoCalifornia
Liza Bercovici, Executive Director, Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundationlos angelesCalifornia
Phal Sok, Youth Justice CoalitionLos AngelesCalifornia
Angelica Salas, Executive Director CHIRLALos AngelesCalifornia
Christian Diaz, MVSD Governing Board MemberEl MonteCalifornia
Kris Hayashi, Executive Director, Transgender Law CenterOaklandCalifornia
Preston Smith, CEO & Co-Founder, Rocketship Public SchoolsCalifornia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Washington DC
James Cryan, CEO, Rocky Mountain Prep Public SchoolsDenverColorado
Girls Inc. of Metro DenverDenverColorado
Advocates of Lake County, Inc.LeadvilleColorado
Amy Miller, Executive Director, Colorado Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceDenverColorado
DJ Ida, Executive Director, National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health AssociationDenverColorado
Jackie List, Executive Director, Safe Shelter of St. Vrain ValleyLongmontColorado
Victoria McVicker, CEO, SafeHouse DenverDenverColorado
Damion LeeNatali, Executive Director, Teach For America - ColoradoDenverColorado
Andrea Schulz-Ward, Director, Alliance Against Domestic AbuseSalidaColorado
Nicole Melaku, Executive Director, Colorado Immigrant Rights CoalitionDenverColorado
Connecticut High School DemocratsConnecticut
Sergio Olmedo Ramirez, Community and Youth Organizer, Junta for Progressive ActionNew HavenConnecticut
Francella Chinchilla, Board Chair, Esperanza Education FundDC, Maryland, Virginia
Laurisa Schutt, Execeutive Director, Teach For America DelawareDelaware
Girls Inc. of Bay CountyPanama CityFlorida
Asian American Federation of Florida - South RegionMiamiFlorida
Engage MiamiMiamiFlorida
Julio Fuentes, President & CEO, Florida State Hispanic Chamber of CommerceFlorida
Lora L. Tucker, CEO, CenterLinkFort LauderdaleFlorida
National Alliance to Nurture the Aged and the Youth Community Economic Development Corporation (NANAY-CEDC)North MiamiFlorida
Winnie Tang, Executive Director, Florida Asian Services CenterMiamiFlorida
Winnie Tang, President, Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) South Florida ChapterMiamiFlorida
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AtlantaGeorgia
Charlie Flemming, President, Georgia State AFL-CIOAtlantaGeorgia
Georgia Budget and Policy InstituteAtlantaGeorgia
Georgia EqualityAtlantaGeorgia
Georgia Muslim Voter ProjectGeorgia
Gigi Pedraza, Executive Director, Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia)Georgia
Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO)Georgia
Los Vecinos de Buford HighwayDoraville, Chamblee, Brookhaven, NorcrossGeorgia
Marlyn Tillman, Founder, Gwinnett Parent Coalition to Dismantle the School to Prison PipelineSnellvilleGeorgia
New American PathwaysGeorgia
Satyam Barakoti, Georgia Director, National Asian Pacific American Women's ForumAtlantaGeorgia
Georgia Coalition for the People's AgendaAtlantaGeorgia
May Boeve, Executive Director, 350.orgGlobal
Faye Kennedy, Co-chair, Hawaii Women's Political CaucusHonoluluHawaii
Filipino American Advocacy NetworkHonoluluHawaii
The Legal ClinicHonoluluHawaii
YWCA of KauaiKauaiHawaii
Kelly Miller, Executive Director, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic ViolenceBoiseIdaho
Illinois Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceSpringfieldIllinois
April Montgomery GobleChicagoIllinois
Organizing for ActionChicagoIllinois
YWCA of the University of IllinoisChampaignIllinois
League of Women Voters of IndianaIndianapolisIndiana
Jim Mulholland, Executive Director, Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA)IndianapolisIndiana
La Plaza, Inc.IndianapolisIndiana
Dr. Carlotta Cooprider, Indiana Executive Director, Teach PlusIndianapolisIndiana
Fair Housing Center of Central IndianaIndiana
Kids' Voice of IndianaIndianapolisIndiana
Kirsten Serrano, Executive Director, Greater Lafayette Immigrant AlliesGreater LafayetteIndiana
Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY)IndianapolisIndiana
National Organization for Women (NOW) Terre Haute ChapterTerre HauteIndiana
Pam Blevins Hinkle, Director, Spirit & PlaceIndianapolisIndiana
Amanda Qualls, Vice Chair, Elkhart County Democratic PartyGoshenIndiana
David Suzuki, Director, Equity Institute on Race, Culture and Transformative Action, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)IndianapolisIndiana
George Hornedo, President, Indiana Latino Democratic CaucusIndianapolisIndiana
Henry Fernandez, Former Board Member, Metropolitan School District of Lawrence TownshipIndianapolisIndiana
Matthew Parr, President, Indiana Latino Democratic CaucusLafayetteIndiana
National Organization for Women, Indianapolis ChapterIndianapolisIndiana
Latino CaucusBloomingtonIndiana
Bruce Hayes, Treasurer, Allen County Stonewall DemocratsFort WayneIndiana
Rafael Morataya, Executive Director, Center for Worker Justice of Eastern IowaIowa
Iowa Citizen Action NetworkIowa
Main Street Alliance of IowaIowa
Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic ViolenceKansas
Jennifer Hecker, Executive Director, Options: Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Inc.HaysKansas
Sharon Currens, Executive Director, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceKentucky
Roula Allouch, National Board Chair, CAIRKentucky
Madelyn Fireman, State Policy Advocate, National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) New OrleansNew OrleansLouisiana
Vietnamese-American Young Leader's Association of New Orleans (VAYLA-NO)New OrleansLouisiana
Lynda Woolard, President, Independent Women's Organization of New OrleansNew OrleansLouisiana
Louisiana High School DemocratsLousiana
Maine Small Business CoalitionMaine
Alice Johnson Cain, Executive Vice President, Teach PlusAnnapolisMaryland
Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director, Coalition on Human NeedsBethesdaMaryland
Michael Brown, CEO, City YearBostonMassachusetts
Jon Clark, Co-Director, Brooke Charter SchoolsBostonMassachusetts
Celine Coggins, CEO, Teach PlusMassachusetts
Tim Nicolette, Executive Director, Massachusetts Public Charter School AssociationMassachusetts
Paul Toner, Executive Director, Teach Plus MassachussettsBostonMassachusetts
Joshua Biber, Executive Director, Teach For America MassachusettsMassachusetts
Mekka Smith, Education Administrator, Kipp MassachussettsLynnMassachusetts
Michael Baick, Chairman of the Massachusetts High School DemocratsLongmeadowMassachusetts
Suzanne Parker, Executive Director, Girls Inc. of HolyokeMassachusetts
Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic ViolenceBostonMassachusetts
High School Democrats of MichiganMichigan
Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and CommunitiesMinnesota
Madaline Edison, Executive Director, Educators for Excellence - MinnesotaMinnesota
Main Street Alliance of MinnesotaMinnesota
Jason Kander, President, Let America VoteKansas CityMissouri
Roberta Wilhelm, Executive Director Girls Inc. of OmahaOmahaNebraska
Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic ViolenceNebraska
Bob Fulkerson, State Director, Progresive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)RenoNevada
Culinary UnionLas VegasNevada
Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood AffiliatesNevada
Progressive Leadership Alliance of NevadaNevada
J.D. Klippenstein, Executive Director, ACTIONNRenoNevada
Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual ViolenceRenoNevada
Sig Rogich, President, Rogich CommunicationsLas VegasNevada
Dr. Michael D. Richards, President & CEO, College of Southern NevadaLas VegasNevada
Peter Guzman, President, Latin Chamber of CommerceLas VegasNevada
New Jersey High School DemocratsNewarkNew Jersey
Jane Shivas, Executive Director, New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic ViolenceTrentonNew Jersey
Main Street Alliance of New JerseyNew Jersey
Leadership Schools NetworkAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
NM Comunidades en Accion y de Fe (CAFe)Las CrucesNew Mexico
Frank Lopez, Executive Director, Ngage New MexicoLas CrucesNew Mexico
Jan Thompson, Program Coordinator, Las Cruces CIVICLas CrucesNew Mexico
Nate Morrison, Executive Director, Teach For America New MexicoNew Mexico
Andrea J. Serrano, Executive Director, OLÉ, Albuquerque, New MexicoAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Empowerment Congress of Doña Ana CountyLas CrucesNew Mexico
New Mexico Voices for ChildrenNew Mexico
Juntos: Our Air, Our WaterAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
El CENTRO de Igualdad y DerechosAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
New Mexico Asian Family CenterAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
The New American Leaders ProjectNew York
Richard Barth, CEO, KIPP FoundationNew YorkNew York
Dave Levin, Co-Founder, KIPP FoundationNew YorkNew York
WE ACT for Environmental JusticeNew YorkNew York
Connie Neal, Executive Director, New York State Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceNew York
Jose Perez, Deputy General Counsel, LatinoJusticeNew YorkNew York
Katie Campos, Executive Director, TFA-BFLOBuffaloNew York
National Employment Law ProjectNew York
Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director, Center for Popular DemocracyNew York
Girls Inc. of Long IslandNassau and Suffolk CountiesNew York
James Hong, Co-Director, MinKwon Center for Community ActionNew YorkNew York
New York State Coalition Against Sexual AssaultNew York
Ross Morales Rocketto and Amanda Litman, Co-Founders, Run for SomethingNew YorkNew York
Shavar Jeffries, President, Democrats for Education ReformNew YorkNew York
Sydney Morris and Evan Stone, Co-Founders & Co-CEOs, Educators For ExcellenceNew YorkNew York
Hispanic FederationNew York, Connecticut, Florida, Rhode Island
Dr. Catherine Alter, Board Chair, Read to SucceedAshevilleNorth Carolina
Beth Maczka, CEO, YWCA AshevilleAshevilleNorth Carolina
Andrew Lakis, Executive Director, Teach For America, Eastern North CarolinaNorth Carolina
North Carolina Teen DemocratsCharlotteNorth Carolina
America Muslim Policy Advocates | NCRaleighNorth Carolina
Gail S. Phares, Co-founder, Witness for Peace SoutheastRaleighNorth Carolina
Ingrid Kraus, Member, Immigrant Justice Committee, Watauga County NAACPBooneNorth Carolina
Karen M. Anderson, Executive Director, ACLU North CarolinaNorth Carolina
Latin American CoalitionCharlotteNorth Carolina
Marcie Shealy, Director of Philanthropy, Planned Parenthood South AtlanticCharlotteNorth Carolina
North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual AssaultRaleighNorth Carolina
YWCA High PointHigh PointNorth Carolina
Jose Hernandez-Paris, Executive Director, Latin American CoalitionCharlotteNorth Carolina
Scott Phillips, Field Office Director, USCRI-NCNorth Carolina
Jennifer Lorenz, Board of Directors, ACLU of North CarolinaPittsboroNorth Carolina
Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Caucus, a program initiative of the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) of Greater Dayton (Ohio)DaytonOhio
Ohio's VoiceOhio
Immigrant Dignity Coalition of CincinnatiCincinnatiOhio
Samantha Searls, Immigration Program Manager, Intercommunity Justice and Peace CenterCincinnatiOhio
Cleveland Jobs with JusticeClevelandOhio
Kaleab Jegol, Chair of Ohio High School DemocratsOhio
Caryn Austen NE OH Organizer for Women's March on WashingtonAkronOhio
AJC CincinnatiCincinnatiOhio
Holly Trifiro, Executive Director, Teach For America - Greater ClevelandClevelandOhio
Asian Services In ActionOhio
InterReligious Task Force on Central America and ColombiaClevelandOhio
Welcome Toledo-Lucas County (TLC)ToledoOhio
YWCA WarrenWarrenOhio
Ohio Domestic Violence NetworkColumbusOhio
Mary E. Tyler, Community Leader, National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater DaytonDaytonOhio
Lucia Carballo Oberle, Chair, Greater Tulsa Area Hispanic Affairs CommissionTulsaOklahoma
Elizabeth McCormick, Director, University of Tulsa Legal ClinicTulsaOklahoma
Laura F. Bachman, Director of Immigrant & Refugee Services, YWCA TulsaTulsaOklahoma
YWCA Greater PortlandPortlandOregon
Main Street Alliance of OregonOregon
Patt Bekken, Co-coordinator, PFLAGPDX Washington County ChapterOregon
Vanessa Timmons, Executive Director, Oregon Coalition against Domestic and Sexual ViolenceOregon
Make The Road PennsylvaniaReading and AllentownPennsylvania
Marc Mannella, CEO, KIPP Philadelphia SchoolsPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Andrew Binder, Chair, High School Democrats of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
Charles Adams, Executive Director, Teach For America, Greater PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
HIAS PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
All for AllPittsburghPennsylvania
Pennsylvania Coalition Against RapePennsylvania
Tonya Lovelace, CEO, Women of Color Network (WOCN), Inc.HarrisburgPennsylvania
Daniel R. Porterfield, Ph.D., President, Franklin & Marshall CollegeLancasterPennsylvania
Kent C. Trachte, President, Lycoming CollegeWilliamsportPennsylvania
Mary F. McManus, Ph.D., RPh., Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wilkes UniversityWilkes-BarrePennsylvania
Mary Quinn, CEO, YWCA Greater HarrisburgHarrisburgPennsylvania
Kristine Frech, Executive Director, Teach For America Rhode IslandRhode Island
Deborah DeBare, Executive Director, RI Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceWarwickRhode Island
Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceRhode Island
Bill Deware, State Coordinator, Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of AmericaRhode Island
Darlene Correia, Founder, Take Back Your LifeProvidenceRhode Island
George Kanuck, Co-Chair, Lowcountry Immigration CoalitionBlufftonSouth Carolina
Julie Smithwick, Executive Director, PASOsColumbiaSouth Carolina
South Dakota High School DemocratsSouth Dakota
Randy Dowell, Executive Director, KIPP NashvilleNashvilleTennessee
Jim Flautt, Board Chair, KIPP NashvilleNashvilleTennessee
Roblin J. Webb, Founder & CEO, Freedom Prep Charter SchoolsMemphisTennessee
Girls Inc of TN ValleyKnoxvilleTennessee
University Leadership InitiativeAustinTexas
Mike Feinberg, Co-Founder, KIPP FoundationHoustonTexas
Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO, Teach For AmericaHoustonTexas
Lindsay Sobel, Senior Executive Director, Teach Plus TexasAustinTexas
Cullum Clark, President of Prothro-Clark Company; Director of the SMU Economics Center; Board Member, Uplift EducationDallasTexas
Rosemary Perlmeter, Founder, Uplift Education; Co-Founder, Teaching TrustTexas
Andrew Baca, Director, Uplift Heights PreparatoryDallasTexas
Remy L. Washington, Managing Director, Uplift EducationDallasTexas
National Domestic Violence HotlineAustinTexas
H. Drew Galloway, Executive Director, MOVE San AntonioSan AntonioTexas
YWCA San AntonioSan AntonioTexas
Chinese Community CenterHoustonTexas
Daisy Thomas, Chair, Utah Democratic PartyUtah
YWCA UtahUtah
Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Executive Director, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual ViolenceMontpelierVermont
Main Street Alliance of VermontVermont
National Association for College Admission CounselingVirginia
Tram Nguyen, Co-Executive Director of New Virginia MajorityVirginia
NAKASEC (National Korean American Service & Education Consortium)AnnandaleVirginia
Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action AllianceVirginia
Southeast Seattle Education CoalitionSeattleWashington
Janice R. Greene, PhD, President, NAACP-Snohomish County BranchEverettWashington
Amy H. Pak, Executive Director, Families Of Color SeattleSeattleWashington
Skagit Immigrant Rights Council (SIRC)Mount VernonWashington
Jacqueline Wu, President, OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates, Greater SeattleSeattleWashington
Jorge L. Baron, Executive Director, Northwest Immigrant Rights ProjectSeattleWashington
Casa LatinaSeattleWashington
El Centro de la RazaSeattleWashington
Rich Stolz, Executive Director, OneAmericaWashington
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceWashington
YWCA Clark CountyVancouverWashington
David Paul, Vice President of Student Services, Skagit Valley CollegeOak HarborWashington
Dorothy Wong, Executive Director, Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC)SeattleWashington
Estela Ortega, Executive Director, El Centro de la RazaSeattleWashington
Grace Jones, Associate Director of Outreach, Whatcom Community CollegeBellinghamWashington
Peter Hauschka, Dean of Transfer and Related Instruction, Bates Technical CollegeTacomaWashington
Laurel Browning, Superintendent, Burlington-Edison School DistrictWashington
Lynn Livesely, Executive Director, Literacy SourceSeattleWashington
Marcos Martinez, Executive Director, Casa LatinaSeattleWashington
Mozart Guerrier, Executive Director, 21 ProgressSeattleWashington
Latino Educational Training InstituteLynnwoodWashington
Teresita Batayola, CEO, International Community Health ServicesSeattleWashington
Estevan Vivanco, Student Success Navigator, Skagit Valley CollegeMount VernonWashington
Megan Gurdine, International Student Advisor, Bellevue CollegeSeattleWashington
Eric Nacke, Tenured Faculty, Bellevue CollegeBellevueWashington
Daisy Padilla, Maestros Para el Pueblo NavigatorMount VernonWashington
Vicki Nakashima, Leadership Council Member, Partners in DiversityCamasWashington
Main Street Alliance of WashingtonWashington
Yadira Rosales, Director, Multicultural Student Services, Skagit Valley CollegeWashington
Pradeepta Upadhyay, Executive Director, InterIm CDASeattleWashington
Claire Zautke, Former School Board DirectorMilwaukeeWisconsin
Becky Steinhoff, Girls Inc of Greater MadisonMadisonWisconsin
End Domestic Abuse WisconsinWisconsin
People Against a Violent Environment (PAVE)Beaver DamWisconsin
Gloria Castillo, Sustainable Neighborhoods Director, Sustain DaneMadisonWisconsin
Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual AssaultWisconsin
Paula Phillips, School Board Director, Milwaukee Public SchoolsMilwaukeeWisconsin
Adam Miller, Senior Vice President, EdTec Inc. OaklandCalifornia
Pattie Williams, Co-Founder, Compassion FayettevilleArkansas
Carrie Wagner, Executive Director, Girls Athletic Leadership School of Los AngelesArletaCalifornia
Randy Paynter, Founder and CEO, Care2.com, Inc.Redwood CityCalifornia
Leah Tabas, Center Director, Girls Inc. of Greater Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCalifornia
Robert Burke, Executive Director, Valley Charter SchoolsLos AngelesCalifornia
Ulash Thakore-Dunlap, Co-Chair, Mental Health Board of San FranciscoCalifornia
Suzanne Madison Goldstein, Founder, WISH Charter SchoolLos AngelesCalifornia
Beth Najberg, Advocacy Chair, National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore SectionIllinois
Lori Hensley, Director, Liberal Area Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence ServicesLiberalKansas
Amanda Hillman Seider, Trustee, KIPP: Massachusetts Public Charter SchoolsMassachusetts
Diane Sosne, President, SEIU Healthcare 1199NWWashington
Shirley Aguilar, Finance and Administrative Director, Casa LatinaSeattleWashington
Sister Yusra Abboud, Bentonville Islamic CenterBentonvilleArkansas
Tyler B. Clark, Chairman, Democratic Party of Washington County, ArkansasFayettevilleArkansas
Neil Sealy, Executive Director, Arkansas Community OrganizationsLittle RockArkansas
Rizelle Aaron, President, Arkansas NAACPArkansas
Kymara Seals, Political Director, Arkansas Public Policy Panel Little RockArkansas
Dr. Steve Cole, Chancellor, Cossatot Community CollegeDeQueenArkansas
Kelsey Lam, Executive Director and Co-Founder, El Zócalo Immigrant Resource CenterArkansas
Emily Crane Linn, Executive Director, Canopy Northwest ArkansasFayettevilleArkansas
Gary Udouj, Director of Adult Education, Fort Smith Public SchoolsFort SmithArkansas
Andre Guerrero, President, Little Rock LULAC Council 750Little RockArkansas
Marsha Layer, ESL Family, School, and Community Partnership Facilitator, Springdale School DistrictSpringdaleArkansas
Human Rights Campaign ArkansasLittle RockArkansas
Laura Kellams, Northwest Arkansas Director, Advocates for Children and Families Little RockArkansas
L. Mireya Reith, Founding Executive Director, Arkansas United Community CoalitionSpringdaleArkansas
Gracie Ziegler, Marketing Chair and Special Council to Chairman, Democratic Party of Washington CountyFayettevilleArkansas
Blake Ross, President, Young Democrats of Arkansas Arkansas
NWA Workers' Justice CenterSpringdaleArkansas
Charles Lintott, College Advisor, KIPP Through College San DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia
Rosa Alvarado, Program Coordinator, Girls Inc. of San Diego County San DiegoCalifornia
Jonathan Heller, Co-Director, Human Impact PartnersCalifornia
Laura Schlottman, Principal, Magnolia Public SchoolsSanta AnaCalifornia
Parker Hudnut, CEO, ICEF Public SchoolsLos AngelesCalifornia
Sari Bilick, Public Health Organizer, Public Health AwakenedOaklandCalifornia
Christine Chilcott, CEO, Girls Inc. of the Island CityAlamedaCalifornia
Drew Furedi, President and CEO, Para Los NiñosLos AngelesCalifornia
Frank Reddick, Chair of the Board of Directors and Trustees, KIPP LA SchoolsLos AngelesCalifornia
Janet Stewart, Community Relations Coordinator, ICEF Public SchoolsCalifornia
Luz Gallegos, Community Programs Director, TODEC Legal CenterCoachellaCalifornia
Mike Wright, Senior Director, KIPP FoundationOaklandCalifornia
Sonali Tucker, CEO and Founder, Public Policy Charter SchoolLos AngelesCalifornia
Girls Inc. of Greater Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCalifornia
Frank Baxter, Founding Chair, Alliance College-Ready Public SchoolsCalifornia
Jacqueline Elliot, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Partnerships to Uplift CommunitiesLos AngelesCalifornia
Carolyn Hack, CEO, Aspire Public SchoolsCalifornia and Tennessee
Caitlin Trent, Operations Coordinator, Colorado Immigrant Rights CoalitionDenverColorado
Adam Hemmings, Co-Founder, Citizen StateColorado
Lizeth Chacon, Executive Director, Colorado People's AllianceColorado
Julie Maier, Partner, Charter School Growth FundBoulderColorado
Dacia Toll, Co-CEO and President, Achievement First Public Charter SchoolsConnecticut
Kimball Cartwright, Jr., Board of Directors and Treasurer, Junta for Progressive ActionNew HavenConnecticut
Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, State Coordinator, Delaware Civil Rights CoalitionLewesDelaware
Mickey Wright, Program Director, Girls Inc. of Winter HavenWinter HavenFlorida
Lupe López, Executive Director, Strong Women Action NetworkIllinois
Rima Khan Shahid, Executive Director, Muslim Alliance of IndianaIndiana
Girls Inc. of Sioux CitySioux CityIowa
Tish Correa Osborne, CEO, Girls Inc. of Ownesboro-Daviess CountyOwensboroKentucky
Michelle Daughtery Siri, Executive Director, Women's Law Center of MarylandMaryland
Silvia Garwood, Bilingual Program Coordinator, Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence Estern ShoreMaryland
Kelly Garrett, Executive Director, KIPP St. LouisSt. LouisMissouri
Hope Morales, Director of Policy, Teach Plus NM RoswellNew Mexico
Kara Bobroff, Executive Director Native American, NACA Inspired Schools Network, Community Academy and AlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Sherry Preiss, Chief of Teaching and Learning Lab, KIPP Foundation New York
Anti-Defamation LeagueNew YorkNew York
Tammi Sutton, Executive Director, KIPP ENC Public SchoolsNorth Carolina
Benjamin Lindy, Executive Director, Teach For America - Southwest OhioCincinnatiOhio
Scott Gordon, CEO, Mastery Charter Schools Philadelphia, PA & Camden, NJ Pennsylvania & New Jersey
Megan Quaile, Executive Director, Green Dot Public Schools TennesseeMeganTennessee
Maria Morgan, Vice President, El Monte Union High School Board of Education El MonteCalifornia
Adam Carranza, President, Mountain View Board of EducationEl MonteCalifornia
Andrew McRae, Executive Director, KIPP Tulsa Public Charter SchoolsTulsaOklahoma
Vanita Gupta, President and CEO, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human RightsWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
National Organization for Women - KentuckyKentucky
Tura Graves, Member, Farmington City Council Economic CommitteeFarmingtonArkansas
Jeremy Chiappetta, Executive Director, Blackstone Valley PrepCumberlandRhode Island
Constance Grubbs, Co-Founder, Our Revolution - Northern KentuckyAlabama
David Lynch, Co-founder, Our Revolution - Greater CincinnatiOhio
Rick Glazier, Executive Director, North Carolina Justice CenterFayettevilleNorth Carolina
Dacia Toll, Co-CEO, Achievement FirstConnecticut
Doug McCurry, Co-CEO, Achievement FirstNew York
Sasha Bentley-Feinberg, Director, Klickitat AdvocacyWhite SalmonWashington
Raymond Long, President and CEO, Better Start FoundationLittle RockArkansas
Maria Morgan, Board of Trustees, El Monte Union High School DistrictEl MonteCalifornia
Anthony Amato, President and CEO, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging GroupsWisconsin
Interfaith Worker JusticeAlabama
Center for Reproductive RightsWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Jessica Tang, President, Boston Teachers UnionBostonMassachusetts
Geraldo Rivera, Correspondent-at-Large, Fox NewsClevelandOhio
Alex Randolph, Trustee, City College of San FranciscoSan FranciscoCalifornia
Adam Lopez Falk, President, Alhambra Elementary School District #68PhoenixArizona
Megan Quaile, Chief Growth Officer and Executive Director, Green Dot Public Schools TennesseeMemphisTennessee
Bree Dusseault, Executive Director, Green Dot Public Schools WashingtonWashington
Marco Petruzzi, President and CEO, Green Dot Public Schools NationalCalifornia
Mary Cathryn Ricker, Executive Vice President, American Federation of TeachersMinnesota
Wil Del Pilar, Vice President of Higher Education Research, Policy & Practice, The Education TrustWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Maddy Pritzl, State Chair, High School Democrats of WisconsinWisconsin
Valerie Twanmoh, Director, Catholic Charities Esperanza CenterBaltimoreMaryland
Vanessa Douyon, Director of Strategy, Blackstone Valley PrepQuincyMassachusetts
Hugo Carvajal, Director of Family Engagement, KIPP MassachussetsLynnMassachusetts
Dr. Warren Morgan, Executive Director, Teach for America - St. LouisSt. LouisMissouri
International Rescue CommitteeNational
Peoples ActionNational
Trip Van Noppen, President, EarthjusticeNational
Nebraska CattlemenNebraska
Nebraska Restaurant AssociationLincolnNebraska
Rebecca Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska AppleseedNebraska
Progressive Leadership Alliance of NevadaNevada
Brett Peiser, CEO, Uncommon SchoolsNew York
Charissa Fernandez, Executive Director, Teach For America - New YorkNew YorkNew York
Doug McCurry, Co-CEO and Superintendent, Achievement First Public Charter SchoolsNew York
James Manly, Superintendent, KIPP NYCNew YorkNew York
Faith Josephs, Welcome Center Director, Latin American CoalitionCharlotteNorth Carolina
German Barriga, Immigrant Welcome Center Coordinator, Latin American CoalitionCharlotteNorth Carolina
James Bazán, Member of the Board of Directors, Latin American CoalitionCharlotteNorth Carolina
Muslim Women ForRaleighNorth Carolina
Abigail Wexner, Ohio State trusteeOhio
Don Bryant, Director, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support NetworkClevelandOhio
Friends - Breakthrough SchoolsClevelandOhio
Andrea Williams, Executive Director, Causa OregonSalemOregon
Girls Inc. of the Pacific NorthwestPortlandOregon
Henry Lear, Chair, South Carolina High School DemocratsGreenvilleSouth Carolina
Lowcountry Immigration CoalitionHilton Head,BlufftonSouth Carolina
South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA)ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Athena Palmer, Executive Director, Teach For America - MemphisMemphisTennessee
Addie Gomez, Executive Director, Texans for Quality Public Charter SchoolsAustinTexas
Ann Vaughan, Board Member, YES PrepHoustonTexas
Bill Boyar, Board Chair, KIPP HoustonHoustonTexas
Laura Saldivar Luna, Regional Executive Director, Teach For America-San AntonioSan AntonioTexas
Mark Gregg, Board Chair, YES Prep Public SchoolsHoustonTexas
Meghan Litten, Board Chair, KIPP PALsHoustonTexas
Melissa McNeil, Chair, Uplift EducationDallasTexas
Welcoming Our Immigrant Neighbors of NoVAVirginia
Columbia Legal ServicesWashington
Ray Garrido, Legal Services Director, Kistap Immigrant Assistance CenterBremertonWashington
Tacoma Migrant JusticeTacomaWashington
Diane Narasaki, Executive Director, Asian Counseling and Referral ServiceWashington
Estela Ortega, Executive Director, El Centro De La RazaSeattleWashington
Haydee Lavariega, Program Director, Para Los NiñosSeattleWashington
League of Education VotersWashington
Philip Neff, Board Member, Network in Solidarity with the People of GuatemalaSeattleWashington
Rekha Bhatt, Chief Program Officer, Washington Charter Schools AssociationSeattleWashington
Robby Stern, President, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement ActionWashington
Shirline Wilson, Washington State Director, Education Reform AdvocacySeattleWashington
The Washington BusSeattleWashington
Washington Community Action NetworkSeattleWashington
Adam Glickman, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU 775Washington, Montana
Paula Fitzgerald Esq., Executive Director, AyudaFalls ChurchVirginia, Washington, District of Columbia
Community Immigration Law CenterMadisonWisconsin
Anne MacKinnon, Board Chair, Family Journey Center, CasperCasperWyoming
Immigration Alliance of CasperCasperWyoming
Pam Magee, Ed.D., Executive Director/Principal, Palisades Charter High SchoolPacific PalisadesCalifornia
Kristi Erickson, Chief People & Innovation Officer, Uplift EducationDallasTexas
Terri Mast, Secretary and Treasurer, Inlandboatmen's UnionSeattleWashington
Latin American CoalitionCharlotteNorth Carolina
Ana D. Gonzalez, Executive Director, Teach For America -Rio Grande ValleyTexas
Cristina de Jesus, CEO, Green Dot Public Schools CaliforniaLos AngelesCalifornia
Green Dot Public Schools NationalNational
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)California
Dan Cantor, National Director, Working Families Party CityNew York
Marco Petruzzi, CEO, Green Dot Public Schools NationalNational
Christine M. Losea, Director of Finance, Blackstone Valley PrepCumberlandRhode Island
Yasmin Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, Uplift EducationDallasTexas
Steve Joel, Superintendent, Lincoln Public SchoolsLincolnNebraska
Dr. Mary M. Bourque, Superintendent, Chelsea Public SchoolsChelseaMassachusetts
Dr. Gary Cohn, Superintendent, Everett Public SchoolsEverettWashington
Devin Del Palacio, Vice President, Tolleson Union High School Disctrict Governing BoardAvondaleArizona
Aleia Mims, Principal, Uplift Summit International Middle SchoolDallasTexas
Sarah Hobson-Rentfro, Principal, Uplift InfinityIrvingTexas
Feliza I. Ortiz-Licon, Member, State Board of EducationCalifornia
Bonnie Berry, Co-Lead, Achieving the Dream BellevueWashington
Jennifer Laveglia, Senior Associate Professor, Bellevue CollegeBellevueWashington
Hilda Halliday, Community College Faculty, Skagit Valley CollegeMount VernonWashington
Sea Mar Community Health CentersSeattleWashington
Susan Scott, Assistant Director, Charters OCSan DiegoCalifornia
California Charter Schools AssociationSacramentoCalifornia
Emily Pelino, Executive Director, KIPP Indy Public SchoolsIndianapolisIndiana
Steven Volk, Director, Gertrude B. Lemle Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, Oberlin CollegeOberlinOhio
Maria J. Peña, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer, Everett Community CollegeMount VernonWashington
Xavier Reyes, Founder and CEO, Alta Public Schools Los AngelesCalifornia
Dr. Emilio Pack, CEO, STEM Prep SchoolsLos AngelesCalifornia
Forrest Claypool, CEO, Chicago Public SchoolsChicagoIllinois

Faith Leaders

Bishop Staccato Powell, AME Zion ChurchGranite BayCalifornia
Bishop Minerva Carcaño, United Methodist ChurchWest SacramentoCalifornia
Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los AngelesLos AngelesCalifornia
Reverend Dr. Larry Stoterau, District President (Bishop), Pacific Southwest District, The Lutheran Church--Missouri SynodIrvineCalifornia
Jim Winkler, President, National Council of ChurchesWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sister Simone Campbell, Network Lobby for Catholic Social JusticeWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
The Reverend Dr. Marcus C. Lohrmann, Interim Bishop, Florida-Bahamas Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaTampaFlorida
Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Archdiocese of MiamiMiamiFlorida
Marcus Lohrmann, Interim Bishop, Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCATampaFlorida
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A Eaton, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaChicagoIllinois
Bishop Sally Dyck, The United Methodist ChurchChicagoIllinois
Bishop Steven L. Ullestad Northeastern Iowa Synod-ELCAIowa
Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, Archbishop of LouisvilleLouisvilleKentucky
Rabbi Jason Kimelman-BlockSilver SpringMaryland
Bishop W. Darin Moore, AME Zion ChurchLargoMaryland
Sister Ann Scholz, School Sisters of Notre DameBaltimoreMaryland
Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray, President, Unitarian Universalist AssociationBostonMassachusetts
Presiding Bishop Francis Krebs, Ecumenical Catholic CommunionSt. LouisMissouri
Reverend Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II, Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church (USA)National
John Dorhauer, Reverend, General Minister and President, United Church of ChristNational
Diane Randall, Executive Secretary, Friends Committee on National LegislationNational
John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President, United Church of ChristClevelandNational
Reverend Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, General Secretary, The United Methodist Church - General Board of Church and SocietyWashingtonNational
Bishop Tracie Bartholomew, New Jersey Synod, ELCAHamilton SquareNew Jersey
Bishop John Schol, The United Methodist Church of Greater New JerseyNew Jersey
Bishop Roy Riley, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaRobbinsvilleNew Jersey
Most Reverend John C. Wester, Archbishop of Santa FeSanta FeNew Mexico
Reverend John L. McCullough, Church World ServiceNew YorkNew York
Bishop Ray Chamberlain, Bishop, United Methodist ChurchWinston SalemNorth Carolina
Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, North Carolina ConferenceRaleigh NCNorth Carolina
Reverend Traci Blackmon, Executive Minister of Justice & Witness, The United Church of ChristClevelandOhio
Bishop Felipe Lozada-Montañez, Caribbean Synod ELCADoradoOther
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical AssociationWyncotePennsylvania
Bishop Kenneth Carder, United Methodist ChurchChapinSouth Carolina
Bishop H. Julian Gordy, ELCA Southeastern SynodFranklinTennessee
Bishop Melvin Talbert, Council of Bishops, The United Methodist ChurchHermitageTennessee
Bishop Michael RinehartHoustonTexas
Bishop Gerald MansholtAppletonWisconsin
Reverend Angie WrightBirminghamAlabama
Anne Fitzsimons, Institute of Blessed Virgin MaryPrescottArizona
DeniseJurgens, Chair, Justice and Witness Committee, Desert Palm United Church of Christ (UCC)TempeArizona
Elder Carol Schurr, Immanuel Presbyterian ChurchTucsonArizona
Father Bill Remmel, Society of the Divine Savior (SDS)TucsonArizona
Mary Alice Do, Mental Health Minister, First Christian ChurchTucsonArizona
Reverend Cynthia Jennison, Memorial Presbyterian ChurchPhoenixArizona
Reverend Dr. Eric Ledermann, University Presbyterian ChurchTempeArizona
Reverend Kenneth Kennon, Christian Church (Disciples)TucsonArizona
Taylor Alcaraz, Promise ArizonaPhoenixArizona
Reverend Dr. Randy J. MayerSahuaritaArizona
The Good Shepherd United Church of ChristSahuaritaArizona
Grace Bunker, Coordinator, Casas Adodobes Congregational UCCTucsonArizona
Pastor Rolly Loomis, Desert Southwest ConferenceTucsonArizona
Pastor Alison Harrington, Southside Presbyterian ChurchTucsonArizona
Pastor Brad Munroe, The Presbytery of Grand CanyonPhoenixArizona
Pastor Brad Munroe, Presbytery de CristoTucsonArizona
Lou-Anne Dillard, President of SVdP Conference, Society of St Vincent de PaulPhoenixArizona
Reverend Mark Adams, Frontera de CristoDouglasArizona
Sister Bernadette LeTourneau, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurPhoenixArizona
Annette Schmeling, Society of the Sacred HeartSan DiegoCalifornia
Betty Mae Bienlein, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creations (JPIC) Coordinator, Sisters of Notre DameThousand OaksCalifornia
Carol Nolan, SP, Director, Providence in the DesertCoachellaCalifornia
Casey Ream, United Congregational Christian ChurchEurekaCalifornia
Catherine Minhoto, Justice Coordinator, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Western American ProvinceMontebelloCalifornia
Elvira Ramirez, Executive Director, Catholic Charities StocktonStocktonCalifornia
Gala King, Chair, Church and Society Committee, Buena Vista United Methodist ChurchAlamedaCalifornia
Hannah-M. O'DonoghueFair-OaksCalifornia
Helen Rosenthal, Society of the Sacred HeartAthertonCalifornia
Hilda Cruz, Interfaith Movement for Human IntegrityCoronaCalifornia
Joan ODonnellBurlingameCalifornia
Judith Roach, RSCJAthertonCalifornia
Karen Shepard Woodland, Presbyterian ChurchWoodlandCalifornia
LaVern Olberding, Order of Saint Francisc (OSF), Co-founder, Franciscan Peace ConnectionSan DiegoCalifornia
Lee Hubbard, Seminary Professor, Sisters of Notre DameThousand OaksCalifornia
Lois Knowlton, La Mesa First United Methodist ChurchLa MesaCalifornia
Maria Cristina Caballero, RSMBakersfieldCalifornia
Mark Carlson, Director, Lutheran Office of Public Policy - CaliforniaSacramentoCalifornia
Mary Shawn Doyle, Sisters of Notre DameThousand OaksCalifornia
Natalie Terry, Director, Ignatian Spiritual Life Center at St. Agnes ChurchSan FranciscoCalifornia
Reverend Dr. Michael KinnamonSan DiegoCalifornia
Reverend Jisan Tova Green, San Francisco Zen CenterSan FranciscoCalifornia
Reverend Jonathan Mitchell, The Garden ChurchSan PedroCalifornia
Sister Anncarla Costello, Provincial Superior, Sisters of Notre DameThousand OaksCalifornia
Sister Deanna Rosevon Bargen, Society of the Sacred HeartRedwood CityCalifornia
Sister Irma Dillard, RSCJ Society of the Sacred Heart, USC ProvinceSan FranciscoCalifornia
Sister Margaret Phelan, Society of the Sacred HeartRedwood CityCalifornia
Sister Mary Waskowiak RSMSan FranciscoCalifornia
Sr. Irene Cullen, Society of the Sacred HeartSan CarlosCalifornia
Susan Maxwell, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)AthertonCalifornia
Reverend Heidi Worthen GambleLos AngelesCalifornia
St. Luke's Presbyterian ChurchRolling Hills EstatesCalifornia
Reverend Daniel HuttPalo AltoCalifornia
Cathleen Clay, Elder, St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, RHE, CARolling Hills EstatesCalifornia
Pastor Daniel DominguezfresnoCalifornia
Reverend Jason Bense, Lutheran Church of Our RedeemerSacramentoCalifornia
Benedictine Oblate Cheryl Bough, Benedictine Oblate, Benedictine Sisters of Erie OblateFremontCalifornia
Marshall Toplansky, Board member, Church World ServiceOrangeCalifornia
Erin Hakim, Chair, Immigration & Refugee Task Force of the Pacific PresbyteryCalifornia
Mirtha Ninayahuar, Co-chair of Justice &Witness, Skyline community churchOaklandCalifornia
David Sargent, Elder, St. Luke's Presbyterian ChurchRolling Hills EstatesCalifornia
Jim Lamm, Elder, St. John's Presbyterian ChurchLos AngelesCalifornia
Dina Gonzalez-Pina, Ethnicity and Gender Equity Specialist, MCCFresnoCalifornia
Anne Hawthorne, Executive Director, Los Angeles United Methodist Urban FoundationLos angelesCalifornia
Anna Baumgartner, Member, St. John PresbyterianLos AngelesCalifornia
Solomon Namala, Member, St. John's Presbyterian ChurchCulver CityCalifornia
Jan Gardner, Mission Chair, St. Luke's Presbyterian ChurchRolling Hills EstatesCalifornia
Cristina Hernandez, Office for Life and Justice, Oakland DioceseOaklandCalifornia
Pastor Matthew Pearson, Sonoma United Methodist ChurchCalifornia
Mary Litell, Provincial Minister, Sisters of St.Francis, St.Francis ProvinceRedwood CityCalifornia
Reverend John Fernandes, Retired Pastor, Roman CatholicSan LeandroCalifornia
Reverend Jeffrey Kuan, Claremont School of TheologyClaremontCalifornia
Reverend Anthony Fatta, Aptos UMCAptosCalifornia
Reverend J. Daniel Lewis, Hollywood United Methodist ChurchLos AngelesCalifornia
Reverend Israel Alvaran, United Methodist ChurchSan FranciscoCalifornia
Reverend Ann Hunt, Retired, United Methodist ChurchCalifornia
Reverend Bentley Stewart, Marin Interfaith Street ChaplaincyCorte MaderaCalifornia
Reverend Dr. Steven Craig, St. John's Presbyterian ChurchLos AngelesCalifornia
Senior Pastor Dayna Kinkade, First Christian Church of OrangeOrangeCalifornia
Sister Maria Louise Edwards, Felician Sisters of North AmericaPomonaCalifornia
Melanie Bomar, Music Leader and Deacon, St. John's PresbyterianInglewoodCalifornia
Daughters of Charity - USALos Altos HillsCalifornia
Sister JoCeal YoungSan DiegoCalifornia
Pastoral Associte Ellie Hidalgo, Dolores MissionUnited StatesCalifornia
Carmela Trujillo, Coordinator, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission, Sisters of St Francis of Perpetual AdorationColorado SpringsColorado
Martha Gentry Gunnison, Chair Social Justice Ministry, Congregational Church United Church of Christ (UCC)GunnisonColorado
Reverend Bill KirtonDenverColorado
Msgr. Robert L. Amundsen, Immaculate Conception Catholic ChurchLafayetteColorado
Reverend Harriott Quin, Boulder Community UCCBoulderColorado
Reverend Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Boulder Valley UU FellowshipLafayetteColorado
Reverend Kelly Dignan, Unitarian Universalist Church of BoulderLafayetteColorado
Brother Scott-Michael Pomerenk, BSG, Brother, St. Thomas EpiscopalDenverColorado
Will Kuhlman, Campus Minister, InterVarsity Christian FellowshipGrand JunctionColorado
Chaplain Patricia Washburn, Good Samaritan VillageEstes ParkColorado
Katie Scherr, Church Relations and Development Assistant, Lutheran Family ServicesDenverColorado
Deacon Korra Looschen, Our Savior's Lutheran ChurchGreeleyColorado
Deacon Judy Lounsberry, Holy Trinity Lutheran ChurchCentennialColorado
Deacon Cynthia Robles, Aurora Area MinistryAuroraColorado
Deacon Dan Leetch, Cathedral of the Sacred HeartPuebloColorado
Deacon Judy Lounsberry, Holy Trinity Lutheran ChurchCentennialColorado
Amelia Decker, Director-Outreach, Mount Calvary Lutheran ChurchBoulderColorado
Sister Joe Barrera, Colorado Springs Black/Latino CoalitionColorado SpringsColorado
Dr. Christie Hanzlik, Christian Science PractitionerBoulderColorado
Dr. Robert Woolfolk, Agape Christian ChurchDenverColorado
Father Bert Chilson, St. Stephen Catholic ChurchGlenwood SpringsColorado
Father Ted Howard, St. John's Episcopal ChurchBoulderColorado
Father Terry Kissell, St Michael the ArchangelAuroraColorado
Frank Philipp, Intentional Interim Pastor, Rocky Mountain SynodAuroraColorado
Mary Sealing, Lay Leader, First Congregational UCCGrand JunctionColorado
James Heaton, Men's Fellowship and School Mentor (Bennett), Plymouth Cong.Fort CollinsColorado
Minister Charles MacArthur, KoinoniaGrand JunctionColorado
Minister Elder Dr. Eric D. Nelson, Potter's House Church of DenverAuroraColorado
Sandy Taylor, Moderator, Christ Congregational United Church of ChristPuebloColorado
Msgr. Robert L. Amundsen, Immaculate Conception Catholic ChurchLafayetteColorado
Msgr. Juan De Los Santos, Our Lady Mother of the ChurchCommerce CityColorado
Pararabbi David Edwards, Congregation Ohr ShalomGrand JunctionColorado
Pastor Travis Johnson-Esparza, Highlands Lutheran ChurchDenverColorado
Pastor Quirino Cornejo, Latino Ministry West DenverDenverColorado
Pastor Cynthia Josephson, ELCAPueblo WestColorado
Pastor Jane Jebsen, Faith Lutheran ChurchGoldenColorado
Pastor Sara Wirth, Mount Calvary Lutheran ChurchBoulderColorado
Pastor Carol West, ELCAColorado
Pastor Sara Wirth, Mount Calvary Lutheran ChurchBoulderColorado
Pastor Nathan Doerr, St. Philip Lutheran ChurchLittletonColorado
Pastor Inga Oyan Longbrake, St. Mark's Lutheran ChurchAuroraColorado
Pastor Dr. Robert Davis, Denver Park Hill Seventh-day Adventist ChurchDenverColorado
Pastor Steve Goering, Mennonite Church USAFort CollinsColorado
Pastor Aaron Gray, Redlands United Methodist ChurchGrand JunctionColorado
Pastor Robert Kippley, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaCanon CityColorado
Pastor Rigo Magana, New Hope GreeleyGreeleyColorado
Pastor Betsy Headrick McCrae, Glennon Heights Mennonite ChurchLakewoodColorado
Pastor David Mourn, Rocky Ford Mennonite ChurchRocky FordColorado
Pastor Doug Nelson, The RefugeBroomfieldColorado
Pastor Dirk Robert Stadtlander, King of Kings (ELCA) Lutheran ChurchPuebloColorado
Pastor Sara Wirth, Mount Calvary Lutheran ChurchBoulderColorado
Pastor David Swenson, University House ChurchDenverColorado
Pastor Kathy Escobar, The RefugeBroomfieldColorado
Pastor Jeff Neuman-Lee, Whittier Community ChurchDenverColorado
Pastor/Dean Father Joseph Vigil, St. Joseph's Catholic ChurchPuebloColorado
Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Jewish Family ServicesDenverColorado
Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav, Wisdom House DenverDenverColorado
Rabbi Deborah Bronstein, Congregation Har HaShemBoulderColorado
Rabbi Bernard Gerson, Congregation Rodef ShalomDenverColorado
Rabbi Brian Immerman, Temple EmanuelDenverColorado
Rabbi Hillel Katzir, Or Hadash of Northern ColoradoFort CollinsColorado
Rabbi Emeritus Joel Schwartzman, Congregation B'nai ChaimMorrisonColorado
James Wiberg, Retired Pastor, Lord of the Mountains ChurchFriscoColorado
Reverend Kimberly Gonia, Intercession Episcopal ChurchThorntonColorado
Reverend Stacie Dougherty, Tabor LutheranPuebloColorado
Reverend Daniel Barwinski, RetiredEstes ParkColorado
Reverend Anne Dunlap, United Church of MontbelloDenverColorado
Reverend Eric Banner, Jefferson Unitarian ChurchGoldenColorado
Reverend John Blinn, Retired Clergy - United MethodistsEnglewoodColorado
Reverend Bonita Bock, Our Savior's Lutheran ChurchDenverColorado
Reverend Linda Bunyard, retired Unitarian Universalist ministerPuebloColorado
Reverend Bill Calhoun, Presbyterian ministerDenverColorado
Reverend Neema Caughran, Center for Inner PeacePuebloColorado
Reverend James Chapman, United Church of ChristColorado SpringsColorado
Reverend Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, Cairn Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)LafayetteColorado
Reverend Anne Davidson-Mundt, Journey with GraceDenverColorado
Reverend Jyoti DeVernie, Reverend, Center for Spiritual Living Boulder ValleyLafayetteColorado
Reverend Sheila Dierks, Community in Discernment, Ecumenical Catholic CommunionBoulderColorado
Reverend Mary Ann Dimand,The United Methodist ChurchArvadaColorado
Reverend Jeffrey Dodson, United Church of ChristGrand JunctionColorado
Reverend Stacie Dougherty, Tabor LutheranPuebloColorado
Reverend Sylvia Falconer, Unitarian UniveralistGreeleyColorado
Reverend Sheri Fry, Presbytery of DenverDenverColorado
Reverend Tammy Garrett-Williams, Shorter Community AMEGoldenColorado
Reverend Emily Hagan, Together ColoradoLovelandColorado
Reverend Jann Halloran, Prairie Unitarian Universalist ChurchParkerColorado
Reverend Amanda Henderson, The Interfaith Alliance of ColoradoColoradoColorado
Reverend Daniel Holt, Lutheran PastorColorado SpringsColorado
Reverend Tracy Hughes, Mountain View United ChurchAuroraColorado
Reverend Patrick Hurley, PresbyterianPuebloColorado
Reverend Jason Janz, Providence Bible ChurchDenverColorado
Reverend Gordon Kieft, Calvary Baptist DenverDenverColorado
Reverend Bill Kirton, United Methodist minister, retiredDenverColorado
Reverend Daniel Klawitter, Grant Avenue UMCDenverColorado
Reverend Ben Konecny, First Congregational ChurchGreeleyColorado
Reverend Laurene Lafontaine, Presbyterian Church (USA)DenverColorado
Reverend Bradley Laurvick, Highlands United Methodist ChurchDenverColorado
Reverend Wayne A Laws, Mountain View United ChurchAuroraColorado
Reverend Laurel Liefert, Namaqua Unitarian Universalist CongregationLovelandColorado
Reverend Susan McKee,Park Hill Congregational United Church of ChristDenverColorado
Reverend Sally Megeath, Episcopal ChurchDenverColorado
Reverend Marcia Meier, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)DenverColorado
Reverend Lynn Miller Jackson, Scott United Methodist ChurchDenverColorado
Reverend Kevin Olsen, United Church of ChristPuebloColorado
Reverend Steve Parke, First A.M.E. ChurchPuebloColorado
Reverend Terry Purvis-Smith PCUSAWestminsterColorado
Reverend Harriott Quin, Boulder Community UCC (Retired)LafayetteColorado
Reverend Anne Rice-Jones, Rose of Sharon TabernacleLakewoodColorado
Reverend Patty Rumpza, CSL Grand JunctionGrand JunctionColorado
Reverend Jeannie Shero, First Universalist Church of DenverDenverColorado
Reverend Sandra Spahr, United MethodistPuebloColorado
Reverend Bonnie Sarah Spencer, Episcopal PriestDenverColorado
Reverend Elena Stahlberg, Lord of the Mountain Lutheran ChurchDillonColorado
Reverend Val Stepien, Eyes of Compassion SanghaDenverColorado
Reverend Gary Weaver, PCUSAPueblo WestColorado
Reverend Brigette Weier, Bethany Lutheran ChurchCherry Hills VillageColorado
Reverend Wendy Williams, Jefferson Unitarian ChurchGoldenColorado
Reverend Claire Zilm, Faith Leaders in ActionPuebloColorado
Reverend Jeni Hiett Umble, Living Light of PeaceArvadaColorado
Reverend Dee Cooper, Presbyterian Church USADenverColorado
Reverend Dana Wilbanks, Presbytery of Denver; Iliff School of Theology, Professor EmeritusDenverColorado
Reverend Deacon Lee Anderson-Harris, Trinity United Methodist ChurchDenverColorado
Reverend Deacon Nancy Angle, St. Matthew's Episcopal ChurchGrand JunctionColorado
Diana Biggs, Synod Council Liaison, Rocky Mountain Synod Council/ELCACanon CityColorado
Maria Piedad Mendoza, Secretary, Our Lady of PeaceGreeleyColorado
Senior Pastor Garrett Struessel, First Evangelical Lutheran ChurchLongmontColorado
Senior Pastor Kirk Yamaguchi, Canyon View Vineyard ChurchGrand JunctionColorado
Karla Briggs, Evergreen Lutheran ChurchEvergreenColorado
Peggy Bainbridge, Community of ChristGreenwood VillageColorado
Judy Huston, Boulder Friends Meeting (Quaker)BoulderColorado
Tom Kowal, Mountain View Friends MeetingWestminsterColorado
Rita J. Martinez, Faith Leaders in ActionPuebloColorado
David Nii, Community of ChristCentennialColorado
Ross Bensman, Temple EmanuelAuroraColorado
Justice and Peace Committee, Sisters of St. Joseph of ChamberyWest HartfordConnecticut
Karen Doris, Associate, Sisters of the Divine CompassionBrookfieldConnecticut
Margie Strom, RSCJ Society of the Sacred HeartConnecticut
Patricia Colla, RSMWest HartfordConnecticut
Reverend Kelly Jane Forbush, First Congregational Church of East HartfordEast HartfordConnecticut
Reverend Margaret LewisSouthingtonConnecticut
Sister Dr. Patricia Cook, RSMEast HavenConnecticut
Sister Elaine Betoncourt, Sisters of St JosephHartfordConnecticut
Sister Susan Tippett, Felician Franciscan Sisters of North AmericaEnfieldConnecticut
Sisters of MercyWolcottConnecticut
Sr. Linda Pepe, Provincial Leadership Team, CSJUS Province - Sisters of St. Joseph of ChambéryNewingtonConnecticut
Thomas Mariconda, Deacon, Episcopal Church in ConnecticutSheltonConnecticut
Deacon Thomas Mariconda, Episcopal Church in ConnecticutSheltonConnecticut
Margaret Bercovitz, Member, St. Thomas MoreChesireConnecticut
Pastor Kathleen Reynolds, UMC of LitchfieldLitchfieldConnecticut
Sr. Theresa Marie Grochowski, Pastoral Associate, Felicians Sisters of NAEnfieldConnecticut
Reverend Alex da Silva Souto, New Milford United Methodist ChurchNew MilfordConnecticut
Arlene Flaherty OP, JPIC Department, School Sisters of Notre Dame AM ProvinceWiltonConnecticut
Francine Sousa, Felician SistersEnfieldConnecticut
Brother Brian McLauchlin, Divine Word MissionariesWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Camilla Burns, Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, Trinity Washington UniversityWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Denise Curry, Associate Minister, Caldwell Community ChapelWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Diane Roche, Director of Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Gerry G. Lee, Director, Maryknoll Office for Global ConcernsWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Marie Dennis, Co-President, Pax Christi InternationalWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Marie-Louise Wolfington, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Reverend Dr. Sharon Stanley-ReaWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sister Lisa Buscher, Society of the Sacred HeartWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sister Marilyn McMorrow, Society of the Sacred Heart of JesusWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Taquiena Boston, Director, Multicultural Growth and Witness, Unitarian Universalist AssociationWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human RightsWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sandy Sorensen, Director, United Church of Christ Washington OfficeWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Rabbi Elizabeth RichmanWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Faith in Public LifeWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Sarabeth Goodwin, Latino Missioner, Episcopal Diocese of WashingtonWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Maureen Turlish, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurNew CastleDelaware
Diane Gerrdeman, Teacher, Sisters of Notre DameGainesvilleFlorida
Pax Christi FloridaFlorida
Reverend Maria Anderson, Coral Gables United Church of Christ (UCC)Coral GablesFlorida
Reverend Paul Werner, St. Andrew United Church of ChristSarasotaFlorida
Pastor Andres Doimeadios, Casa de Dios Gateway Of Heaven IncPensacolaFlorida
Pastor Jeannine Sweet, Grace Lut Lakeland, FLLakeland, FLFlorida
Pastor Emeritus John Frerking, Faith Lutheran ChurchNorth Palm BeachFlorida
Phyllis Turner Jepson, Pax Christi FloridaFlorida
Asma ElhuniAtlantaGeorgia
Rabbi Ruth Abusch-MagderAtlantaGeorgia
Reverend Michael W BovingdonDouglasvilleGeorgia
Reverend Julie Crosby, Holy Cross Lutheran ChurchHiramGeorgia
Hilton Austin Jr, Director of Advocacy Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ELCA AdvocacyDecaturGeorgia
Sonja Kinard, Member, St. James LutheranBrunswickGeorgia
Pastor Devin Strong, Lutheran Campus Ministries at Georgia TechAtlantaGeorgia
Reverend Tony Prinsen, ELCAAcworthGeorgia
Patti Austin, Women of the ELCA, St. John's Lutheran ChurchDECATURGeorgia
Anne Leake, Outreach Committee Member, Kaumakapili ChurchKaneoheHawai'i
Pastor Eric Anderson, Church of the Holy Cross United Church of Christ (UCC)HiloHawai'i
Andrea White, President, Felician Services, Inc.GlenviewIllinois
Carole Levine, Honorary Vice President, National Council of Jewish WomenEvanstonIllinois
Dr. Mary Hagele, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)ChicagoIllinois
Jay Wittmeyer, Global Mission and Service, Church of the BrethrenElginIllinois
Judy Illig, US Province Leader, Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary US Province LeaderIllinois
Sister Laura ParkerOak LawnIllinois
Marianne Race, Congregation of St. JosephLaGrange ParkIllinois
Mary Sheehan, RSM/Sisters of MercyChicagoIllinois
Min-Ah Cho, The Sacred Heart of JesusChicagoIllinois
Reverend Hank Fairman, St. John UCCFreeportIllinois
Reverend Rich Kirchherr, First CongregationalWestern SpringsIllinois
Reverend Magdalena Garcia, Presbytery of ChicagoChicagoIllinois
Rose Mary Meyer, Director, Project IRENE, Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM)ChicagoIllinois
Sister Barbara SheehanOak LawnIllinois
Sister Benita Coffey, Order of Saint Benedict (OSB), Chicago Benedictines for PeaceChicagoIllinois
Sister Bernadine Karge, Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants, Inc.ChicagoIllinois
Sister Leanne Hartmann, Pastoral Care Coordinator, Our Lady of the Angels ConventChicagoIllinois
Sister Maria Paszko, Our Lady of the Angels ConventChicagoIllinois
Sister Mary Louise Rowney, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersChicagoIllinois
Sister Mary Sharon Riley, CenacleChicagoIllinois
Sister Paul Marie Pietroczynski, Our Lady of the Angels ConventChicagoIllinois
Sisters of ProvidenceChicagoIllinois
Sr. Kathleen Desautels, SP, Religious SisterChicagoIllinois
Sr. Lorraine Crawford, ESL Teacher, Mary Ward CenterChicagoIllinois
Teresina Grasso, SPElmwood ParkIllinois
Wheaton Franciscan's Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation OfficeWheatonIllinois
Carolyn McDonnell, Sisters of Mercy AssociateIllinois
An intrument for sending forth the breath of God Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Jeanne Guilfoyle, Archivist, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Lisa Petrov, Assistant Professor, Dominican UniversityRiver ForestIllinois
Mary Shaw, Coordinator of Justice and Peace, ASCSpringfieldIllinois
Sister Patricia Villarreal, Council member, Wheaton Franciscan SistersBataviaIllinois
John DeCostanza, Director of University Ministry, Dominican UniversityRiver ForestIllinois
Sister Dorothy Dempsey, Adrian Dominican SistersChicagoIllinois
Tom Ruggaber, Lay Associate of the Wheaton Franciscans, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Anita Chiappetta, Member, Adrian Dominican SisterOak LawnIllinois
Sister Benita Coffey OSB, Promoter of Social Justice, Chicago Benedictines for PeaceChicagoIllinois
Sister Judy Illig, IBVM, Province Leader, Institute of the Blessed Virgin MaryCarol StreamIllinois
Mary Cullen, Religious Sister, Adrian Dominican SistersChicago RidgeIllinois
Reverend Katie Shaw Thompson, Highland Avenue Church of the BrethrenElginIllinois
Reverend M Barclay, Reconciling Ministries NetworkChicagoIllinois
Reverend Elizabeth Morris Downie, St. Augustine's ChurchWinnetkaIllinois
Sr./Dr. Jamie T. Phelps-Op, Roman Catholic Theologian, Adrian Dominican SistersChicagoIllinois
Sister Bernadine Karge, Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, WI.ChicagoIllinois
Sister Juliann Flynn, Adrian DominicanIllinois
Sister Sylvia Wehlisch, Wheaton FranciscansElginIllinois
Sister Shirley Krull, Wheaton FranciscanWheatonIllinois
Sister Mary Gagliano, Adrian Dominican SistersOak LawnIllinois
Sister Bernadine Karge, Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants, Inc.ChicagoIllinois
John Trant, Associate and ICDI volunteer, Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrantsoak lawmIllinois
Rayo Cuaya-Castillo, Leadership Team, Society of HelpersWheelingIllinois
Beatrice Hernandez, Wheaton Franciscans Justice and Peace Coordinator, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Angela Kolacinski, Youth Program Coordinator, Back of the Yards communityChicagoIllinois
Georgene Wilson, OSF, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Kathleen Klingen, Adrian DominicanWestchesterIllinois
Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee - Dominican Sisters of SpringfieldSpringfieldIllinois
Sister Norine Burns, Adrian Dominican SistersChicagoIllinois
Shirley Justin-Wolff, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Mary Wirtz, Wheaton FranciscansWheatonIllinois
Sister Kathleen La Plume, Felician SisterChicagoIllinois
Ann Casper, SP - Ex.Dir. Mission AdvancementSaint Mary-of-the-WoodsIndiana
Constance Kramer, Sisters of ProvidenceIndianapolisIndiana
Dawn Tomaszewski, SP, General SuperiorTerre HauteIndiana
Imam Michael SaahirIndianapolisIndiana
IndyCAN (Congregation Action Network)Terre HauteIndiana
Jude MagersCarmelIndiana
Judith Turnock, Community Life Coordinator, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Kathleen Cummings, Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters (OLVM)HuntingtonIndiana
Kathleen Hood, Sisters of Notre DameIndianapolisIndiana
Mary Jo Nelson, President, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Msgr. Paul KoetterIndianapolisIndiana
Provincial Sr. Judith Diltz, Poor Handmaids of Jesus ChristDonaldsonIndiana
Reverend Daniel StaublinSeymourIndiana
Reverend Dr. CanonIndianapolisIndiana
Sister Alma Bill, Our Lady of Victory MissionaryHuntingtonIndiana
Sister Carole KimesIndianapolisIndiana
Sister Constance Kramer SPIndianapolisIndiana
Sister Elizabeth Anderson, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Sister Helen Rodriguez-Marin, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Sister Joseph FillenwarthSaint Mary-of-the- WoodsIndiana
Sister Kathleen QuinnEast ChicagoIndiana
Sister Lucille Martinez, Our Lady of Victory Mission SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Sister Mary MontgomerySt. Mary-of-the-WoodsIndiana
Sister Mary Mundy, SPEvansvilleIndiana
Sister Paula Modaff, S.P. (Sister of Providence)St. Mary-of-the-WoodsIndiana
Sister Rita Musante, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Sister Rose Ann Kaiser, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersHuntingtonIndiana
Sister Susan Dinnin, S.P. (Sister of Providence)IndianapolisIndiana
St. Mary-of-the-WoodsSt. Mary-of-the-WoodsIndiana
Pastor Brian Bither, Shalom Mennonite Church in IndianapolisIndianapolisIndiana
Reverend James A Rutherford, UCCIndianapolisIndiana
Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp, Sisters of ProvidenceSt. Mary-of-the-WoodsIndiana
The Reverend Julia Whitworth, Rector, Trinity Episcopal ChurchIndianapolisIndiana
Deacon Michael Braun, Archdiocese of IndianapolisIndianapolisIndiana
Indianapolis Worker Justice CenterIndianapolisIndiana
Reverend Justin Thornburgh, Emerson Avenue Baptist ChurchIndianapolisIndiana
Sister Paula Damiano, Providence Spirituality and Conference CenterTerre HauteIndiana
Dr. Philip A. Amerson, United Methodist Pastor and EducatorBloomingtonIndiana
Reverend E. Suzanne Wille, All Saints Episcopal ChurchIndianapolisIndiana
Reverend Paul Tche, Christian Unity of the Christian ChurchIndianapolisIndiana
Veronique Wiedower CSC, President, Sisters of the Holy CrossNotre DameIndiana
Reverend Dawn Barnes, Central Christian ChurchIndianapolisIndiana
Reverend Dr. James Higginbotham, Earlham School of ReligionIndianapolisIndiana
Deacon J. Michael EastSeymourIndiana
Sister Patty Wallace, Sister of ProvidenceIndianapolisIndiana
Dr. Shiela Kelly, Associate of the Sisters of MercyMarshalltownIowa
Sister Sheila Geraghty, RSM, Sister of MercyIowa
Sisters of Charity, BVMDubuqueIowa
William Pardee, Chair, Board of Trustees, North East Iowa Unitarian Universalist FellowshipDecorahIowa
Maura McCarthy, Associate Director, Sisters of the PresentationHamptonIowa
Reverend Anna Blaedel, UIowa Wesley CenterIowa CityIowa
Jane Siebert Swedenborgian, President Church of North AmericaWichitaKansas
Judy Stephens, Co-Coordinator of Justice & Peace Center, Justice & Peace Center for Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, KSConcordiaKansas
Anna Marie Broxterman, Coordinator, Immigration CommitteeConcordiaKansas
Janelle Brittain, DRE, Congregration of St. JosephCoffeyvilleKansas
William Rose-Heim, Regional Minister and President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Greater Kansas CityOverland ParkKansas
Reverend Laurie Anderson, Disciples of ChristKansas
Ann Catherine Burger, Congregation of St. JosephWichitaKansas
Mary Margaret Switlik, Congregation of St. JosephWichitaKansas
Elaine Dufresne, Congregation of St. JosephWichitaKansas
Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, KansasKansas
Agnes Hoormann, Society of the Sacred HeartNerinxKentucky
Pastor Marissa Galvan-Valle, Beechmont Presbyterian ChurchLouisvilleKentucky
Agnes Coveney, Ursuline Sisters of LouisvilleLouisvilleKentucky
Sister Jo Ann Jansing, OSULouisvilleKentucky
Lisa DeJaco Crutcher, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc.LouisvilleKentucky
Daniel Lyvers, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - Bowling Green, KYKentucky
Judith A. Vollbrecht, RSCJNew OrleansLouisiana
Linda Faist, Sisters of Notre DameNew OrleansLouisiana
Mary Ellen Schroeder, Sisters of Notre DameNew OrleansLouisiana
Sister Bonnie Kearney, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)New OrleansLouisiana
Pastor Mark Watson, Christ the King Catholic ChurchBossier CityLouisiana
Bonnie Sniegowski, Sisters of Notre DameNew OrleansLouisiana
Edith St Jean, Felician Sisters of North AmericaBangorMaine
George Dole, Seminary Professor (Emeritus), Center for Swedenborgian StudiesBathMaine
Sr. Jackie MoreauPortlandMaine
Reverend Allison Smith, Interim PastorHarpswellMaine
Sister Mary Funge, Society of HelpersHomer GlenMaine
Reverend Beth Rogers, Peace UCCRochesterMaine
Agnes McBryan, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurStevensonMaryland
Anne Coxen. Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurStevensonMaryland
Lawrence Couch, Director, National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good ShepherdSilver SpringMaryland
Mary Ann Cook, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurBaltimoreMaryland
Patricia Geuting Kind, Society of the Sacred HeartBethesdaMaryland
Reverend Paula Canby, Shepherd of the GlenPasadenaMaryland
Sister Elaine Davia, Congregation of Bon SecoursMarriottsvilkeMaryland
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas - Institute Justice TeamMaryland
Patrick Carolan, Executive Director, Franciscan Action NetworkSilver SpringMaryland
Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director, New Ways MinistryMount RainierMaryland
Reverend Tammie Rinker, Trinity Moravian ChurchCollege ParkMaryland
Reverend Shannon Sullivan, Calvary United Methodist ChurchFrederickMaryland
Reverend Kenneth Hawes, Hughes United Methodist ChurchWheatonMaryland
Sister Maria Orlandini, Sisters of St. Francis of PhiladelphiaHyattsvilleMaryland
Sister Marie Lucey, Sisters of St. Francis of PhiladelphiaHyattsville MDMaryland
Sister Jeanne Barnard, Sister's of St. JosephBaltimoreMaryland
Sister Mary Beth Hamm, Sisters of Saint JosephReisterstownMaryland
Julia Jarvis, United Church of Christ Minister, United Church of ChristTakoma ParkMaryland
DC-MD Justice for Our NeighborsHyattsvilleMaryland
Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurBaltimoreMaryland
Anne Dyer, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RCSJ), Society of the Sacred HeartNantucketMassachusetts
Barbara Quinn, Assoc. Dir. Spirtual Formation, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)BostonMassachusetts
Betty Cawley, Justice Promoter, Sisters of St. Joseph of BostonBrightonMassachusetts
Mar Imsong, Executive Director, Massachusetts Baptists Multicultural MinistryLexingtonMassachusetts
Mary B. Lyman, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)Newton CenterMassachusetts
Nancy Kehoe, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)CambridgeMassachusetts
Pamela Fox, First ParishCambridgeMassachusetts
Regina O'Connor, Director of Social Concerns, Community of the Sisters of St. Anne, St. Marie ProvinceMarlboroughMassachusetts
Reverend Dr. Ruth Shaver, United Church of ChristAttleboroMassachusetts
Reverend Leah Rumsey, Second Church in NewtonCambridgeMassachusetts
Reverend Peter-Michael Preble, Bethany Congregational Church United Church of Christ (UCC)QuincyMassachusetts
S. Rosemary Brennan, President, Sisters of St. Joseph of BostonBrightonMassachusetts
Sister Eleanor MacLellan, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)CambridgeMassachusetts
Sister Patricia Andrews, CSJ, Director, The Literacy ConnectionBostonMassachusetts
Susan Regan, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)CambridgeMassachusetts
Reverend Kelly A Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, Massachusetts United Church of ChristMassachusetts
First Parish in BrooklineBrooklineMassachusetts
Janice Perrault, Assistant Provincial, Sisters of the Presentation of MaryMetthuenMassachusetts
Jennifer Peace, Associate Professor of Interfaith Studies, Andover Newton Theological SchoolNewtonMassachusetts
Debra Moore, Commissioned Minister, Edwards Church of NorthamptonNorthamptonMassachusetts
Kate Epperly, Coordinator of Justice and Advocacy for Family and Children's Ministries, Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),CentervilleMassachusetts
Catherine Homrok, Director of Pastoral Ministries, Sisters of St.Joseph of Springfield, MASpringfieldMassachusetts
Regina O'Connor, Director of Social Concerns, Sisters of St.AnneMarlboroughMassachusetts
Pastor Jonathan Rodríguez-Cintrón, United Methodist Church NE.Massachusetts
Susan Frederick-Gray, President, Unitarian Universalist AssociationBostonMassachusetts
Robert Pazmino, Professor of Christian Education, Andover Newton Theological SchoolNewtonMassachusetts
Pauline Laurence, Province Co-Leader, Sisters of Saint AnneMarlboroughMassachusetts
Reverend Patricia Coughlin, South Congregational ChurchCentervilleMassachusetts
Reverend Joan MacPherson, Main Street Congregational UCCAmesburyMassachusetts
Sister Michele Jacques, Sisters of Saint Anne, Marie Anne CenterWorcesterMassachusetts
Susan Leslie, UUA Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director, Unitarian Universalist AssociationBostonMassachusetts
Unitarian Universalist AssociationBostonMassachusetts
Yvette Bellerose, Sisters of St. AnneMarlboroughMassachusetts
Patricia Bassett, Sisters of Saint AnneMarlboroughMassachusetts
Anne Laliberte, MSpencerMassachusetts
Elaine Sova, Sister of MercyFarmington HillsMichigan
Mary Brigid Clingman, Promoter of Justice, OPDomincan Sisters of Grand RapidsGrand RapidsMichigan
Mary MinerLansingMichigan
Rose Ann Schlitt, OPAdrianMichigan
Sister Carleen Maly, OPDominican Sister of Adrian, MichiganAdrianMichigan
Sr. Mary Jane Herb, Ph.D., President, Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Leadership Council, IHM SistersMonroeMichigan
The Reverend Joseph SummersAnn ArborMichigan
Zachariah Oaster, Worship Director, Trinity United Methodist ChurchGrand RapidsMichigan
Reverend Andrea DeWardGrand RapidsMichigan
Reverend Bryan Berghoef, Holland UCCHollandMichigan
Christy Knetsch, Youth PastorGrand RapidsMichigan
Pastor Brad KnetschGrand RapidsMichigan
Minister of Worship and Discipleship Kenneth A. Baker, Third Christian Reformed ChurchKalamazooMichigan
Diana Mohnke, Committee Chair, First United Methodist Church Neighbors Ministry, St. Johns, MISt. JohnsMichigan
Sister Mary Fornicola, Adrian DominicanSault Sainte MarieMichigan
Dr. Sister Marie Kopin, Sisters of the Precious Blood, Dayton, OHMt. PleasantMichigan
Carol Canton, Oblate, Oblates of St. Benedict - Mount St. Benedict - Erie, PAMr. ClemensMichigan
Sister Mary Brigid Clingman OP, Promoter of Justice, Dominican Sisters ~ Grand RapidsGrand RapidsMichigan
Cynthia Ann Machlik, Religious Sister, CSSFLivoniaMichigan
Reverend Lois McCullen Parr, The United Methodist ChurchAlbionMichigan
Reverend Kate Kooyman, Christian Reformed Church in North AmericaGrand RapidsMichigan
Reverend Stephen Dudek, Holy Name of Jesus ParishWyomingMichigan
Sister Juanita Szymanski, Felician SistersLivoniaMichigan
Victoria Booker, Site Director, Justice for Our Neighbors Southeastern MichiganBeverly HillsMichigan
Reverend Justo Gonzalez II, SW Area Minister, Michigan Conference UCCGrand RapidsMichigan
Felician SistersMichigan
Ruth BovenGrand RapidsMichigan
John Joslin, Member of Interfaith Coalition on Immigration (ICOM)St. PaulMinnesota
Lisa Rudolph, Secretary, Center for Student Missions (CSM)MinneapolisMinnesota
Reverend Corrine Haulotte, Lutheran Campus CenterWinonaMinnesota
Reverend Curtiss DeYoung, CEO, Minnesota Council of ChurchesMinneapolisMinnesota
Reverend Lindsay Louise, Biddle Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)Saint Louis ParkMinnesota
Sister Sylvia BorgmeierMankatoMinnesota
Colleen Beebe, Co-Director/Attorney at Law, Simpson Center for Servant MinistriesMInneapolisMinnesota
Reverend Jesus Purisaca, Iglesia Piedra VivaMinneapolisMinnesota
Reverend Emily E. Ewing,Trinity Fellowship ELCA and First Presbyterian ChurchRushfordMinnesota
Edwin Wensman, Social Justice Committee, St. Mary of the Lake Catholic ChurchWhite Bear LakeMinnesota
Pastor Tom Clark, Ascension Lutheran ChurchJacksonMississippi
Constance Dryden, RCSJ, Society of the Sacred HeartBallwinMissouri
Irene Herbst, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)Saint LouisMissouri
Member of Sisters of Mercy of the AmericasSt. LouisMissouri
Rosemary Russell, Chairperson, Gospel Justice Committee, Sisters of the Most Precious BloodO'FallonMissouri
Sheila Hammond, Provincial, Society of the Sacred HeartSt. LouisMissouri
Sister and Provincial Staff of the Society of the Sacred HeartSt. LouisMissouri
Sister Carol Boschert, Sisters of the Most Precious BloodO'FallonMissouri
Sister Carolyn Osiek, Society of the Sacred HeartSaint LouisMissouri
St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America (IFCLA)St. LouisMissouri
Danielle Bonetti, Congregational Leadership Team, Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletSt. LouisMissouri
Sara John, Program Coordinator, St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America (IFCLA)St. LouisMissouri
Sister Catherine Mary Norris, Daughters of Charity ProvinceSt. LouisMissouri
Marilyn Bennett Alexander, ED, Truth in ProgressHelenaMontana
Amy Aguirre, Assistant Director, Angela's PiazzaBillingsMontana
Katie Sutton, Director, Montana Organizing ProjectMontana
Peggy Contreraz, Music Director, Mary Queen of Peace Catholic ChurchBillingsMontana
Angela Bayo, Society of the Sacred HeartSt. LouisNational
Christian Community Development AssocationNational
Church World ServiceNational
Francisca Aguillion, Province Leader, Congregation of Our Lady of Charity, Central South ProvinceCarrolltonNational
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee ServicesNational
Madeleine Munday, Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, Midnorth America ProvinceSt. LouisNational
Marie Lucey, Associate Director, Franciscan Action NetworkNational
Maureen McGowan, Province Leader, Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, New York/Toronto ProvinceAstoriaNational
Mennonite Central Committee U.S., Washington OfficeNational
Rabbi David Teutsch, Director, Center for Jewish Ethics, Reconstructionist Rabbinical CollegePhiladelphiaNational
Reverend Dr. Shanta Premawardhana, OMNIA Institute for Contextual LeadershipChicagoNational
Reverend Leslie Watson, Malachi African American Ministers In ActionWashingtonNational
Rob Rutland-Brown, Executive Director, National Justice for Our NeighborsSpringfieldNational
Sister Maryann Mueller, Leadership Team of the Felician Sisters of North AmericaNational
Sr. M Rose Anita Ramirez, Felician SistersPomonaNational
Nancy K. Kaufman, CEO National Council of Jewish WomenNational
American Jewish Committee (AJC)National
William Swanson, Board of Directors, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee ServiceNational
Reverend Reginald Smith, Director, Office of Social Justice, Christian Reformed Church in North AmericaGrand RapidsNational
Colin Christopher, Director, Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances, Islamic Society of North America, Islamic Society of North AmericaWashington DCNational
Jeannine Gramick, Executive Coordinator, National Coalition of American NunsMount RainierNational
Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, Founder & Director, Syrian Community NetworkChicagoNational
Amanda Cherry, Global Mission Fellow, General Board of Global MinistriesMéxico CityNational
Thomas Andrews, President and Chief Executive Officer, Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeNational
Sister Sally Duffy, SC, Sister, Catholic Legal Immingration Netwrork, Inc. BoardCincinnatiNational
Jeania Ree Moore, The United Methodist Church - General Board of Church and SocietyWashington, DCNational
Leadership Conference of Women ReligiousNational
United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness MinistriesNational
Scalabrini International Migration NetworkNational
Kathleen KerseyOmahaNebraska
Marylyn Felion, Associate of the Sisters of MercyOmahaNebraska
Pastor Megan Morrow, Nebraska Synod, ELCALincolnNebraska
Rita Connell, RSMOmahaNebraska
Sandy Sypherd, CLM, United Methodist ChurchHastingsNebraska
Sr. Carolyn Coffey, Sisters of MercyOmahaNebraska
Kathleen Grant, Co-Chair OTOC Immigration and Refugee Action Team, Omaha Together One Community, Omaha Together One Community, St. Johns CreightonOmahaNebraska
Gus Lieske, ESL and citizenship teacher, Sheridan Lutheran LincolnHayesCenterNebraska
Karen Donahue, RSM, Justice Coordinator, Sisters of Mercy West Midwest CommunityOmahaNebraska
Sister Margaret Mary Hinz, Member, Sisters of Mercy of the AmericasOmahaNebraska
Andrea Paret, Peace with Justice Coordinator, Great Plains Conference of The United Methodist ChurchNorfolkNebraska
Sister Laura Reicks, Sisters of Mercy West Midwest CommunityOmahaNebraska
Sister Maria Klosowski, Sisters of Mercy of AmericasOmahaNebraska
Sister Susan Sanders, Sisters of Mercy West Midwest CommunityOmahaNebraska
Shabnam Waheed, Social Justice Intern, The Sisters of Mercy West-MidwestOmahaNebraska
Reverend Tim Mulroy, U.S. Regional Director, Missionary Society of St. ColumbanNebraska
Life, Peace & Justice CommissionRenoNevada
Reverend Sandy JohnsonBoulder CityNevada
Reverend Joel Garcia, Evangelical Church AllianceLas VegasNevada
Mary Ellen Foley, RSMManchesterNew Hampshire
Rosemary Burnham, Sisters of MercyNashuaNew Hampshire
Sarah Jane KnoyManchesterNew Hampshire
Sister Louise D. Foisy, Member of the Sisters of MercyClaremontNew Hampshire
Sister Mary Ellen FoleyManchesterNew Hampshire
Reverend Shayna AppelJaffreyNew Hampshire
Reverend Rebecca Girrell, Lebanon NH United Methodist ChurchNew Hampshire
Reverend Darcy Johnson, Chaplaincy Institute of MaineConcordNew Hampshire
Marie Clardy, Secular Franciscan, St. John Neumann FraternityLittletonNew Hampshire
Aquinas Szott, Felician SistersLodiNew Jersey
DorothyHarrisPresbyterian Church (U.S.A.)WoodburyNew Jersey
Shirley H. ContiFrenchtownNew Jersey
Sister Ann Kavanagh, Sisters of the Divine CompassionBloomfieldNew Jersey
Sister Mary A Adametz, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of CantaliceLodiNew Jersey
Sister Veronica Roche, Sisters of St. JosephMaple ShadeNew Jersey
Action Together New JerseyNew Jersey
Sister Mary Bridget Becker, Felician Sisters of North AmericaLodiNew Jersey
Reverend Terrence Moran, Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity, Sisters of Charity of Saint ElizabethConvent StationNew Jersey
Patricia Kowalski, Felician SistersSpotswoodNew Jersey
Marcie Brubaker, La Mesa Presbyterian ChurchAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Reverend Gregory Brizal, Universal Life ChurchLas VegasNew Mexico
Sister Jane Mary Gawlik, CSSF, Felician Sisters of North AmericaRio RanchoNew Mexico
Rabbi Lawrence P. KarolLas CrucesNew Mexico
CAFE Faith Based OrganizationLas CrucesNew Mexico
Maria Isabel Galbe, R.A.ChaparralNew Mexico
NM CAFeLas CrucesNew Mexico
Carmen Miranda Rowland, Associated Pastor, St Timothy Lutheran Church (member)AlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Darryl Domonkos, Church Council President, Holy Cross Lutheran ChurchAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, General Secretary Emeritus, Reformed Church in AmericaSanta FeNew Mexico
George Schott, Minister of Word and Sacrament (Retired Roster), ELCASanta FeNew Mexico
Pastor Fred Schott, ELCASanta FeNew Mexico
Pastor Debra Jimenez,Trinity Lutheran ChurchHobbsNew Mexico
Terry Cole, St Paul Lutheran ChurchAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Alice Marie Giordano, JPIC Coordinator, Ursulines of the Roman Union - Eastern ProvinceNew RochelleNew York
Ann Peters, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurWestburyNew York
Catherine Cummings, Sister of MercyNew York
Church Women United in New York StateRochesterNew York
Clare Arenholz, Religious of the Divine CompassionYonkersNew York
Elder Doris Kersten, Pleasantville Presbyterian ChurchPleasantvilleNew York
Eleanor Fox, Society of the Sacred HeartAlbanyNew York
Honey and Michael Theogene, Sisters of Mercy AssociatesBrooklynNew York
Grace Butler, RSCJBedfordNew York
JoAnn Mark, Executive Director, Partnership for Global JusticeBethpageNew York
Loriette Tokasz, Felician Sisters of North AmericaBuffaloNew York
Lucille Coldrick, Sisters of the Divine CompassionWhite PlainsNew York
Mary Ellen & Casey Lopata/Founders, Fortunate FamiliesNew York
Mary Seton Agovino, RSMSyossetNew York
Mary Stanton, Associate of the Divine CompassionValhallaNew York
Natalie Runfola, Former Parish Life Director, Society of the Sacred HeartAlbanyNew York
Patricia McCarthy, Religious of the Divine CompassionWhite PlainsNew York
Reverend Martha E.Connor, Lyon Mountain United Methodist ChorchEllenburg DepotNew York
Salem Pearce, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew College Rabbinical SchoolNew YorkNew York
School Sisters of Notre Dame JPIC Department AM ProvinceNew York
Sister Agnes Elizabeth Curran, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurWestburyNew York
Sister Barbara Juszkiewicz, Felician SistersBuffaloNew York
Sister Diane Marie Szylkowski, Felician Sisters of North AmericaCheektowagaNew York
Sister Hilda Carey, Society of the Sacred HeartAlbanyNew York
Sister Joan Gannon, Society of the Sacred HeartAlbanyNew York
Sister Judy Fay, CSJWantaghNew York
Sister Kathleen Conan, Society of the Sacred HeartNew YorkNew York
Sister Kathryn Marie Augustyniak, Felician Sisters of North AmericaCheektowagaNew York
Sister Mary Beth Moore, Sisters of CharityHampton BaysNew York
Sister Mary Dorothea Power, Sisters of the Divine CompassionBronxNew York
Sister Oonah Ryan, Society of the Sacred HeartAlbanyNew York
Sister Suzanne E. WallinBronxNew York
Sr. M. Doretta Cornell, RDC, Chair, RDC Social Justice Board, Sisters of the Divine CompassionHawthorneNew York
Sr. Mary Ann Kinsella, Sisters of the Divine CompassionMamaroneckNew York
The Sisters of Mercy from Buffalo and Rochester, NYBuffalo and RochesterNew York
Theresa Young, Divine ComoassionWhite PlainsNew York
Sarah Signorino, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, Canisius CollegeBuffaloNew York
Sister Christelle Sawicki,CSSF, Campus Ministry - Villa Maria College, Felician Franciscan Sisters Sisters of North AmericaBuffaloNew York
Karen Burke, CSJ, Coordinator of Land Initiatives, SIsters of St. JosephBrentwoodNew York
Diane Steinman, Director, NYS Interfaith Network for Immigration ReformNYCNew York
Karen Cavanagh, Family Minister, Sisters of Saint JosephJamaicaNew York
Joan Gallagher, Leadership Team, Sisters of St. JosephBrentwoodNew York
Marie Lenihan, Member, Sisters of st. Joseph Brentwood NYBrooklynNew York
Kevin Wright, Minister of Education, The Riverside Church in the City of New YorkNew YorkNew York
Maryellen Kane, CSJ, Parish Life Coordinator, St. Mary Magdalene R. C ChurchSpringfield Gardens , QueensNew York
Pastor Kathleen Meyerson, Dover Plains UMCDover PlainsNew York
Sr. Margaret Magee OSF, President, Franciscan Action NetworkSt. BonaventureNew York
Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Greater New York Labor Religion CoalitionNew YorkNew York
Reverend Dana Carroll, RetiredScotiaNew York
Reverend John Long, First Presbyterian Church, BuffaloBuffaloNew York
Reverend Merle Showers, University United Methodist CurchBuffaloNew York
Sister Maryellen Kane, CSJ,Sisters of St. JosephQueensNew York
Sister Concetta DeFelice, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann CommunitiesBuffaloNew York
Sister Susan Wilcox, Sisters of St. JosephBrooklynNew York
The Reverend Margaret R. Rose, The Episcopal ChurchNew YorkNew York
Churches United To Save And Heal {CUSH}BrooklynNew York
Anti-Defamation LeagueNew YorkNew York
Reverend Robert ReedNew Mexico
Reverend Mark Ward, Lead MinisterAshevilleNorth Carolina
Adolph A. HoehlingBlack MountainNorth Carolina
Deacon Art SmokerMars HillNorth Carolina
Frank Goldsmith, Board Member, Carolina Jews for JusticeAshevilleNorth Carolina
Jackie Itzkovitz, Chair, Sanctuary City Movement, Congregation Beth Ha TephilaAshevilleNorth Carolina
Jennie Belle, Program Director for Immigrant Rights, North Carolina Council of ChurchesNorth Carolina
Jennifer Copeland, Executive Director, North Carolina Council of ChurchesRaleighNorth Carolina
Judith Leavitt, Chair Carolina Jews for Justice/WestAshevilleNorth Carolina
Julie Peeples, Senior Minister, Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC)GreensboroNorth Carolina
Karen Hyman, President, Congregation Beth Ha TephilaAshevilleNorth Carolina
Methodist Federation for Social Action NCCRaleighNorth Carolina
NC Council of ChurchesNorth Carolina
Rabbi Batsheva MeiriAshevilleNorth Carolina
Rabbi Justin GoldsteinAshevilleNorth Carolina
Reverend Bill SharpeNorth Carolina
Reverend Douglas Long, Umstead Park UCCRaleighNorth Carolina
Reverend Dr. Richard WeidlerHendersonvilleNorth Carolina
Reverend J. George Reed, Executive Director (retired), North Carolina Council of ChurchesNorth Carolina
Reverend James W. Dale, member, Warren Wilson Presbyterian ChurchAshevilleNorth Carolina
Reverend Kelly P. CarpenterWinston SalemNorth Carolina
Reverend Melody PajakBlack MountainNorth Carolina
Reverend Michael LammBurnsvilleNorth Carolina
Sister Peggy Verstege, RSM, Coordinator for Hispanic Ministry, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Burnsville, NCBurnsvilleNorth Carolina
Sister Therese Galligan, RSM, Sister of MercyBelmontNorth Carolina
North Carolina Council of ChurchesNorth Carolina
Kenneth Murchison, Warren Wilson Presbyterian ChurchBlack MountainNorth Carolina
Rabbi Eric Solomon, Beth Meyer SynagogueRaleighNorth Carolina
Susan Fullam, Chairperson, Social Concerns Committee, St. Mary's Catholic ChurcGreensboroNorth Carolina
Rose Knechtel, Church Council member, Abiding Presence Lutheran ChurchHolly SpringsNorth Carolina
GeoRene Jones, Coordinator, Justice & Advocacy Ministries, NC Lutheran Synod - ELCANorth Carolina
Deacon Wendy Roberts, Morning Star Lutheran ChurchMatthewsNorth Carolina
Lynne Bolick Reed, Diector of Music Ministry, Mt. Olive Lutheran ChurchHickoryNorth Carolina
Virginia Hultquist, Director of Hunger Ministries, First LutheranGreensboroNorth Carolina
Pastor Amaretta Onstad, ELCADurhamNorth Carolina
Julie Taylor, Executive Director, National Farm Worker MinistryRaleighNorth Carolina
Bill Ramsey, Immigration Mission Group Coordinator, Circle of Mercy CongregationMarshallNorth Carolina
Melody Pajak, Member, Christians for United CommunitiesBlack MountainNorth Carolina
Pastor Jennifer Krushas, Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran ChurchHigh PointNorth Carolina
Pastor Jesse Canniff-Kuhn, Lutheran Church of Our FatherGreensboroNorth Carolina
Pastor John Heinemeier, Joy of DiscoveryDurhamNorth Carolina
Pastor Linda Faltin, ELCAHigh PointNorth Carolina
Pastor Louise Hilbert, First Lutheran ChurchAlbemarleNorth Carolina
Pastor Claude Deal, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaDurhamNorth Carolina
Pastor Jennifer Krushas, Emmanuel Evangelical LutheranHigh PointNorth Carolina
Pastor John Weinbach, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaBurlingtonNorth Carolina
Juan Pacheco, Pastoral Associate for Service and Justice, UNC Chapel Hill Newman Catholic CommunityChapel HillNorth Carolina
Reverend Judy Tavela, Lutheran ChurchCape CarteretNorth Carolina
Reverend Susan Bame, NC ELCAKannapolisNorth Carolina
Reverend Gregory Williams, Grace Lutheran ChurchHendersonvilleNorth Carolina
Reverend Joanne VerBurg, Christian Church Disciples of ChristBlack MountainNorth Carolina
Lauren Thurow, Synod Administrative Assistant, ELCA North Carolina Synod OfficeSalisburyNorth Carolina
Janice Offerman, St. Peter's CatholicCharlotteNorth Carolina
Chaplain James MacklinLouisburgNorth Carolina
Ann-Marie Borgess, Sisters of Notre Dame (SND)PerrysburgOhio
Carol Gregory, Provincial Leader, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Catherine Walsh, Pastoral Minister, Akron, OhioAkronOhio
Colette Didier, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Eleanor Wagner, Coordinator, Ohio Province Associate Leadership, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurColumbusOhio
First United Methodist ChurchMiddletownOhio
Fredricka Kollsmith, Sisters of Notre DameWhitehouseOhio
Henrietta FambroWest CarrolltonOhio
Joan Lang, Member, Congregation of St JosephClevelandOhio
June Dorsey, Sisters of Notre DameWhitehouseOhio
Kathleen Hebbeler, OPCincinnatiOhio
Kathleen Pforr, Clergy, Old South United Church of Christ (UCC)KirtlandOhio
Lois Meyer, Director of Associates, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Lucille Kime, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Margaret Benda, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Marilyn Angel, Faith Formation Director, Notre DamePort ClintonOhio
Mary Pohlman, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Maxine Young, Palliative Care Chaplain, Mercy St. Vincent Medical CenterToledoOhio
Nancy Szkatulski, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Deacon Nick Bates, The Hunger NetworkColumbusOhio
Sister Anne Flanagan, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Sister Carol LichtenbergCincinnatiOhio
Sister Janet Lonsway, Sisters of Notre DameDelphosOhio
Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Sr. Christine Foos, Educator, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Sr. Jo Ann Recker, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Sr. Joselyn Weeman, Principal, Queen of Apostles SchoolToledoOhio
Sr. Judith Clemens, Office of Justice, Peace, Care of Creation Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Ohio ProvinceCincinnatiOhio
Sr. Nancy Merkle, Sister of MercyCincinnatiOhio
Thomas, Brownfield, Commissioned Minister for Social Justice, First Congregational ChurchColumbusOhio
Rabbi John H. SpitzerCantonOhio
Margaret Maurer, Justice and Peace Team LeaderAkronOhio
Lee C. Shapiro, Regional Director, AJC ClevelandClevelandOhio
Sr. Rita Schroeder, Assistant Provincial, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Bill Meers, Board Member, Interfaith Forum Greater DaytonDaytonOhio
Sister Sr. Geraldine Nowak, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, OHToledoOhio
Karen Hartman, SFP, Co-ordinator JPIC, Franciscan Sisters of the PoorCincinnatiOhio
Sister Mary Jon Wagner, Congregational Minister, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania OHSylvaniaOhio
Sister Mary Ann Mozser, Coordinator of Volunteers, St Vincent Charity Medical CenterClevelandOhio
Patricia Kremer, Councilor on Leadership Team, Ssisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Bernadette Callahan, Eucharist Minister, Mt, Mt. St. BenedictPierpontOhio
Joan VanBecelaere, Executive Director, Unitarian Universalist Justice OhioColumbusOhio
James Moos, Executive Minister, Wider Church Ministries, United Church of ChristClevelandOhio
Kelly Litt, Justice Promoter, Dominican Sisters of PeaceColumbusOhio
Sr. Stephanie Thompson, Pastoral Associate, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurMaumeeOhio
Maria Miller, Pastoral Person in Catequetics, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Carol Gregory, Provincial Leadership, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
John Converset, Provincial Superior, Comboni MissionariesCincinnatiOhio
Sister Mary Delores Gatliff, Provincial Superior, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Noreen Jutte, Religious Sister, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Rev Deacon Jackie Burns, St Peter's EpiscopalDelawareOhio
Reverend Laura Young, Summit on 16th United Methodist ChurchColumbusOhio
Reverend Kristin Santiago, Christ Lutheran ChurchHeathOhio
Reverend James Moos, United Church of ChristClevelandOhio
Sister Patricia Corbett, Congregation of St. JosephCincinnatiOhio
Sister Patricia Gardner, Sisters of St. FrancisOhio
Sister Patricia Pieper, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Sister Jo Ann Recker, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Sister Madonna Ratermann, Sister of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Sister Judy Niday, Sisters of the Precious Blood Dayton, OHDaytonOhio
Sister Joyce Kahle, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Sister Gemma Doll, Dominican Sisters of PeaceColumbusOhio
Sister Margaret Collins, Sisters of Notre DameToledoOhio
Paula Miller, Social Justice Coordinator, Ursuline Sisters of ClevelandPepper PikeOhio
Aminullsh Ahmad, Tabligh Secretary, A Auxillary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim CommunityDayton OhioOhio
Kathleen Pforr, United Church of Christ Clergy, Retired, Old South United Church of Christ, Kiirtland, OHMentorOhio
Rita Sturwold, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurCincinnatiOhio
Cecilia Taphorn, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Sr. Ritamary Bulach, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Gerrianne McGeorge, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Judith Kroeger, Sisters of the Precious BloodDaytonOhio
Michele Bertot, Benedictine Sisters of EriePortsmouthOhio
Fr. Joseph Alsay of St. Augustine Episcopal ChurchOklahoma CityOklahoma
Nancy Crenshaw, Elder, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)StillwaterOklahoma
Cara Beer, Elected Elder, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)StillwaterOklahoma
Reverend John Bain, First Christian Church(Disciples of Christ)StillwaterOklahoma
Reverend Jon Middendorf, OKC First Church of the NazareneOklahoma CityOklahoma
James Boston, Rector, St. George Episcopal ChurchRoseburgOregon
Reverend Ardis LeteySeal RockOregon
Reverend Cecil Charles PrescodPortlandOregon
Reverend Dr. Chuck Currie, University Chaplain, Pacific UniversityPortlandOregon
Reverend Elizabeth JonesOregon
St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal ChurchPortlandOregon
Clare Nyderek, Member of Wheaton Franciscans, Wheaton FranciscansSilvertonOregon
Ed Kaiel, Lay Minister, St. Ignatius ParishPortlandOregon
Donna Chartraw, Member, Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel, ORMt. AngelOregon
Pastor Jeanne Randall-Bodman, Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of ChristMilwaukieOregon
Pastor M. Lynne Smouse, Ainsworth United Church of ChristPortlandOregon
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett, Havurah ShalomPortlandOregon
Reverend Dave Bean, Pioneer United Methodist ChurchPortlandOregon
Reverend Catherine Alder, Catherine Alder LLCMilwaukeeOregon
Reverend Kerlin Richter, Saint David of Wales EpiscopalPortlandOregon
Reverend Ryan Scott, Trinity United Methodist ChurchToledoOregon
Reverend Christopher Craun, St. Michael & All AngelsPortlandOregon
Rae Anne Lafrenz, Interfaith Movement for Immigrant JusticePortlandOregon
Linda Kaiel, Catechesis of the Good ShepherdPortlandOregon
Michele Brodoski, St. Francis of the Rogue Valley Secular Franciscan FraternityMedfordOregon
Patricia Pipkin, Mission Coordinator, Mission of FriendshipMeridaOther
Anne McCarthy, OSB, Coordinator, Erie Benedictines for PeaceEriePennsylvania
Deacon Carol Detweiler, New Hanover Lutheran ChurchGilbertsvillePennsylvania
Christine SomersDallasPennsylvania
Danat Brysch, Vicar General, Felician SistersBeaver FallsPennsylvania
Erika Sutherland, Director, Grupo de Apoyo e Integración HispanoamericanoAllentownPennsylvania
Pastor Janel Rice, Calvary Moravian ChurchAllentownPennsylvania
Karen Paulus, Prince of Peace Lutheran ChurchRockledgePennsylvania
Kate O'Donnell OSF Sister of ST. FrancisMediaPennsylvania
Lee Spitzer, General Secretary, American Baptist Churches USAValley ForgePennsylvania
Margaret Butts, Congregational Member, Big Spring United Lutheran ChurchNewvillePennsylvania
Mary Lee, Administrative Assistant, Felician SistersCoraopolisPennsylvania
Ms Dorothy Zeiser, Mercy AssociateLansdalePennsylvania
Nancy Bonshock, Sisters of Notre Dame de NamurMediaPennsylvania
Paula Stoltzfus, Associate Pastor, Plains Mennonite ChurchLansdalePennsylvania
Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College/Jewish Reconstructionist CommunitiesWyncotePennsylvania
Reverend Donna Sharp, St. Paul's United Church of ChristMechanicsburgPennsylvania
Reverend Dr. Betsy Miller, Moravian ChurchBethlehemPennsylvania
Reverend Linda Theophilus, Emmanuel Lutheran ChurchPittsburghPennsylvania
Reverend Sandra Strauss, Market Square Presbyterian ChurchHarrisburgPennsylvania
Sandra Strauss, Director of Advocacy & Ecumenical Outreach, Pennsylvania Council of ChurchesHarrisburgPennsylvania
Sister Dominica Lo Bianco, Committee Member of Peace and JusticeAstonPennsylvania
Sister Janet Marie Adamczyk, Provincial Councilor, Felician Sisters of North AmericaBeaver FallsPennsylvania
Sister Kathleen Ann Kolb, RSM, Sister of MercyEriePennsylvania
Sister M. DeLourdes Macurak, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of CantaliceMcKees RocksPennsylvania
Sister Mary BrodyDallasPennsylvania
Sister Noel Marie Gabriel, Felician Sisters of North AmericaBeaver FallsPennsylvania
Sister Pat MaddenPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Sisters of MercyNarberthPennsylvania
Sisters of MercyClifton HeightsPennsylvania
Sr. Frances Murray, Sisters of St. Francis of PhiladelphiaBrookhavenPennsylvania
Stephen Kriss, Executive Minister, Franconia Mennonite ConferenceLansdalePennsylvania
Tracey DePasquale, Director, Lutheran Advocacy MinistryHarrisburgPennsylvania
Sister Suzanne Susany, OSFPittsburghPennsylvania
Sister Carol Ann Voltz, Sisters of MercyEriePennsylvania
Benedictine oblate Glory Piovarcy, Sisters of St. BenedictHarborcreekPennsylvania
Benedictine Sister Claire Surmik, BFPEriePennsylvania
Benedictine Sister Karen Kosin, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Benedictine Sister Mary Ellen Plumb, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Benedictine Sister Janice Etchison, Benedictines for PeaceEriePennsylvania
Lucia Surmik, BFPEriePennsylvania
David Ackerman, Conference Minister, Penn West Conference UCCGreensburgPennsylvania
Kathryn Dougherty, Congregational Minister, Sisters of St. Francis of PhiladelphiaAstonPennsylvania
Patricia Lowery, Coordinator for Health and IntraSociety Collaboration, Medical Mission SistersPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Deacon Dorothy Konyha, Cathedral of St. Paul(Episcopal)EriePennsylvania
Sister Diane Rabe, OSB, Director, Saint Benedict CenterEriePennsylvania
Kathleen Kutz, Director of Faith Formation, St. Luke Catholic ParishEriePennsylvania
Mary Jessica, Felician Franciscan Sister, Felician Franciscans of NABeaver FallsPennsylvania
Bernadette Bell, Local Development Director, Sisters of Mercy - NypawEriePennsylvania
Marjorie Adams, Member, Sisters of St JosephEriePennsylvania
Barbara Roseborough, Member, Benedictines for PeaceEriePennsylvania
Annette Slater, Member, Benedictines for PeaceEriePennsylvania
Mary Svirbly, Mercy Associate, Sisters of MercySharonPennsylvania
Reverend Rebecca Cole-Turner, CJN, Minister of Spiritual Formation, Smithfield United Church of ChristPittsburghPennsylvania
Breanna Mekuly, Ministry Assistant, Emmaus Ministries, IncPennsylvania
Kathleen Kolb, NyPPaW Coordinator of Health and Wellness, Sisters of MercyEriePennsylvania
Kathleen H Stephens, Oblate, Benedictine Sisters of ErieOil CityPennsylvania
Parishoner Janice Horn, Grace Lutheran ChurchClarionPennsylvania
Pastor Emeritus Charles Brauchler, Birmingham United Church of ChristPennsylvania
Mary Frawley, OSFBethlehemPennsylvania
Peter Donohue, OSA, President, Villanova UniversityVillanovaPennsylvania
Sister Anne Wambach, Prioress/President, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Mary Faith Balawejder, Regional Justice & Peace Coordinator of the Felician Sisters of N America, Felician Sisters of N AmericaCoraopolisPennsylvania
Reverend Joseph Hedden, Jr, Emmanuel Reformed United Church of ChristMurrysvillePennsylvania
Reverend James Piszker, Mercyhurst UniversityEriePennsylvania
Reverend Adam Trambley, St. John's Episcopal ChurchSharonPennsylvania
Sister Desiré Findlay, Felician Sisters of North AmericaCoraopolisPennsylvania
Sister Maria Bakhita Waweru, Felician sistersCoraopolisPennsylvania
Sister Phyllis Schleicher, Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PAPort AlleganyPennsylvania
Sister Judith Trambley, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Sister Michele Schroeck, Sisters of MercyEriePennsylvania
Sister Christine Kosin, Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PAPennsylvaniaPennsylvania
Sister Natalie Rossi, Sisters of Mercy New York Pennsylvania WestEriePennsylvania
Betsy Wiest, Social Justice Coordinator, Sisters of St. Joseph of NW PAEriePennsylvania
Kathleen Kutz, Steering Committee Member, Benedictines for PeaceEriePennsylvania
Patricis Lorenzi, Felician AssociatesPittsburghPennsylvania
Peter Pedemonti, New Sactuary Movement of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Stephanie Schmidt, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Rosemary O'Brien, Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern PAEriePennsylvania
Mary Claire Kennedy SSJ, Sisters of St Joseph of Northwestern PAEriePennsylvania
Marlene Bertke, OSB, Erie Benedictines for PeaceEriePennsylvania
Dianne Sabol, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Norma Jean Kingsley, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Andre Feulner, Sister's of St Joseph of North Western PennsylvaniaEriePennsylvania
Dorothy Stoner, O.S.B., Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Sr. Beth Adams, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Joan Eighmey, Benedictines for PeacePittsfieldPennsylvania
Marlene Trambley, Benedictine Sisters of ErieEriePennsylvania
Karen Davis, Holy Redeemer Catholic parishWarrenPennsylvania
Sister Trish Tyler, Sisters of Mercy of the AmericasDuBoisPennsylvania
Sister Patricia Whalen, RSM, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the AmericasEriePennsylvania
St Peter's Episcopal ChurchPennsylvania
Sister Honora NicholsonPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Mary Pendergast, RSM, Sisters of MercyPawtucketRhode Island
Sisters Anne-Marie & Ellen Liston, Srs. of St. Joseph of ClunyNewportRhode Island
Elizabeth Harley, Congregant, Circular Congregational ChurchCharlestonSouth Carolina
Shirley Kaufman, Teacher, Notre DameCharlestonSouth Carolina
Timothy Drum II, Chaplain, Spartanburg Methodist CollegeSpartanburgSouth Carolina
Reverend Elizabeth Murray, Lexington United Methodist ChurchLexingtonSouth Carolina
Sara Damewood, Social Ministry Coordinator, St John of the Cross Catholic ChurchBatesburgSouth Carolina
Catherine Halpin, Sisters of the Divine CompassionKnoxvilleTennessee
Dr. Craig Hall, Puente de FaroOak RidgeTennessee
Reverend P Morgan Gordy, Christ Lutheran ChurchNashvilleTennessee
Dominican Sisters of HoustonHoustonTexas
Dorothy Moczygemba, Director of Faith Formation, St. Clare Catholic ChurchSan AntonioTexas
Lenna Baxter, Chair, Interfaith Welcome CoalitionSan AntonioTexas
Marisa Revert Font, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate WordHoustonTexas
Mary Kay Mahowald, Chaplain, Sisters of Saint FrancisEl PasoTexas
Priscilla Ritchey, Sister of St FrancisEl PasoTexas
Sister Margaret Bulmer, Director of Social Concerns, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate WordHoustonTexas
Terry Burton, HIS Ministry, New Braunfels Church of ChristNew BraunfelsTexas
Caren Edelstein National Council of Jewish Women Co Texas State Policy AdvocateDallasTexas
Dorothy Moczygemba, Director of Faith Formation, St. ClareSan AntonioTexas
Pastor Glenn Hohlt, St. John Lutheran ChurchNew UlmTexas
Pastor Matt Barnhouse, Mount Hope Lutheran Church ELCAEl PasoTexas
Karen Benuska, Peace Lutheran, El PasoEl PasoTexas
Pastor, Patricia Mitchell, UCCHeber CityUtah
Paula Wellnitz, Leadership Team, Our Lady of Victory Missionary SistersOrangevilleUtah
Deb Elstad, ELCA Rocky Mtn Synod Council member, Mt Tabor Lutheran ChurchSalt Lake CityUtah
Reverand Richard Brenton, Ascension Lutheran ChurchOgdenUtah
Sister Janice Ryan, Sister of MercySouth BurlingtonVermont
Sr. Ann Duhaime, RSMBurlingtonVermont
Elizabeth Hoefer, Social Action Coordinator, Annandale UMCAlexandrisVirginia
Rob Rutland-Brown, Executive Director, National Justice for Our NeighborsSpringfieldVirginia
Minister Amy Russell, Unitarian Universalist Community ChurchRichmondVirginia
Reverend Jeanne Pupke, First Unitarian Universalist of RichmondRichmondVirginia
Reverend Tim Bobbitt, First Christian ChurchAlexandriaVirginia
Pastor Helen Barler, Swedenborgian Church of Puget SoundEverettWashington
Deacon (retired) Madelyn Busse, Lutheran Church in the San JuansFriday HarborWashington
Pastor Clint Collins, First Christian ChurchBremertonWashington
Reverend Jennifer Butler, Faith in Public LifeWashingtonWashington
Reverend Joanne Brown, Tibbetts United Methodist ChurchSeattleWashington
Reverend David Bell, Yakama Christian MissionWhite SwanWashington
First Christian ChurchWashington
Dr. Mark Finney, Executive Director of World Relief Spokane, Associate Pastor of Reconciliation and Community Engagement at Emmaus Church, Adjunct Professor of Theology at Whitworth UniversitySpokaneWashington
The Reverend Josefina Beecher, The Episcopal Diocese of OlympiaWashington
Scott Wright, Director, Columban Center for Advocacy and OutreachWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Jimmie Hawkins, Director of the PC(USA) Office of Public Witness, Presbyterian Church (USA)WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Father J. Antonio Ponce, Missionary Oblates of Mary ImmaculateWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Minister Ann Rose Davie, The New York Avenue Presbyterian ChurchWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Interfaith Action for Human RightsWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Reverend Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, Foundry United Methodist ChurchWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Kathy Doan, Ruling Elder, New York Avenue Presbyterian ChurchWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Barbara Kupchak, Congregation of St. JosephWheelingWest Virginia
Carol Hannig, Coordinator of Community Life and Services, Congregation of St. JosephWheelingWest Virginia
Joan Kreyenbuhl, Leadership Team, Congregation of Saint JosephParkersburgWest Virginia
Mary Cirk, Congregation of St. Joseph (CSJ)West Virginia
Sister Judith AnnTeufel, Congregation of St. JosephCharlestonWest Virginia
Sister Kathleen Durkin, Congregation of the Sisters of St. JosephWheelingWest Virginia
Pastor Bruce Cheever, Fox Point Lutheran ChurchFox PointWisconsin
Cindy Crane, Director, Lutheran Office for Public PolicyMadisonWisconsin
Elder Jeffrey Todd, First Presbyterian Church, WausauWausauWisconsin
Felician SistersWisconsin
Melissa Koppenhaver, Mission Committee Member, Bethlehem United Church of Christ (UCC)KielWisconsin
Middleton Community UCC Faith in Action TeamMiddleton/MadisonWisconsin
Rabbi Bonnie MargulisMadisonWisconsin
Rabbi Renee Bauer, Jewish Social Services of MadisonMadisonWisconsin
Reverend SonjaIngebritsen, Community of Hope United Church of Christ (UCC)MadisonWisconsin
Reverend Tara Tetzlaff, St. John United Church of ChristGermantownWisconsin
Reverend Winton Boyd, Orchard Ridge United Church of ChristMadisonWisconsin
Sister Lucille FloresMilwaukeeWisconsin
Sister Marietta Hanus, School Sisters of St. FrancisMilwaukeeWisconsin
Sr. Maureen McDonnell, O.P.MadisonWisconsin
Very Reverend Edward Kilianski, SCJFranklinWisconsin
Wisconsin Faith Voices for JusticeMadisonWisconsin
Sister Cecilia Fandel, Servants of MaryLadysmithWisconsin
Barbara Brylka, Pastoral Care Services, Felician Sisters/Villa St. FrancisMilwaukeeWisconsin
Reg McKillip, Peace and Justice Promoter, Dominicans of SinsinawaSinsinawaWisconsin
Sister Ramona Dombrowski, Felician SistersMilwaukeeWisconsin
Mary Ann Novascone, Leadership Conference of Women ReligiousWisconsin
Dane Sanctuary CoalitionMadisonWisconsin
Reverend Nick Utphall, Madison Christian CommunityMadisonWisonsin
Reverend Rodger McDanielCheyenneWyoming
Kristofor Trahnstrom, Ordained Pastor ELCA, Faith Lutheran ChurchLanderWyoming
Pastor Paul Everett, Ascension Lutheran ChurchCheyenneWyoming
Sister Editha BenRiver GroveIllinois
Sister Cathy Campbell, SPIndianapolisIndiana
Reverend Brenda Lynn Kneece, Executive Minister, South Carolina Christian Action CouncilSouth Carolina
Reverend Susan S. Ringler, Pastor of Guardian Angels, Catholic CommunionTempeArizona
Frank Head, Director, Catholic Charities of ArkansasSpringdaleArkansas
Faith Voices ArkansasLittle RockArkansas
Reverend Dr. Clint SchneklothFayettevilleArkansas
Michelle Murphy, Regional Advocacy Director, CCSAFresnoCalifornia
Salvadoran American National Association (SANA)Los AngelesCalifornia
Reverend Mark SchlenkerGrimesIowa
Jewish Council for Public AffairsNational
Dennis W. Frado, Director, Lutheran Office for World CommunityNew YorkNew York
Reverend Mel WilliamsDurhamNorth Carlina
Reverend Dana Cassell, Peace Covenant Church of the BrethrenDurhamNorth Carolina
Reverend Sharon NicholsNorth CantonOhio
Reverend Diana WesterkamColumbiaSouth Carolina
Reverend Elizabeth Murray, Coordinator of Hispanic/Latino Ministries, South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist ChurchLexingtonSouth Carolina
UUCC Social Action CommitteeColumbiaSouth Carolina
Reverend John ShellitoArlingtonViginia
Reverend Aaron McEmrysArlingtonVirginia
Reverend Nancy Fitzgerald, Pastor, Arlington Church of the BrethrenArlingtonVirginia
Nihad Awad, Executive Director, Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR) Virginia
Aneelah Afzali, Executive Director, American Muslim Empowerment Network (MAPS-AMEN)RedmondWashington
Jordan Goldwarg, Northwest Regional Director, Kids4PeaceSeattleWashington
Pastor Angela ReneckerWinlockWashington
Sofia Estevez, Hispanic Lay Missioner, UMCBurienWashington
Reverend Dee LundbergCasperWyoming
Reverend Dr. Margaret A. BabcockCasperWyoming
Reverend James C. SprouseMcLeanVirginia